How do you get...

  1. Those white streak marks off your bags??? I discovered that I have a white streak mark on my horsebit hobo handle. Can someone please help???
  2. Do you have a photo? I don't understand{?}
  3. Unfortunately I don't I am at work right now and I noticed a white streak mark (almost looks like a chalk like) on the handle of the horsebit. Darn it I wish I was able to post of picture right now but I can't.
  4. Polish it away? With some leather care formula (unscented, colourless)?

  5. Thanks Perja. I will try that with the coach cleaner I have. I hope it works. I just love this bag.
  6. Are you possibly talking about DEODERANT marks?

    You can remove deoderant marks by rubbing it with plain fabric. let the fabric grab the deodearant off. Whatever you do, dont use water.
  7. If you live near a Gucci store, I believe you can bring it in and they will clean it for you.
  8. It's best to bring it to the store.
  9. Thanks you guys I will do just that. Where would I be without this forum!!! Probably in a loony cell:smile: