How do you get your news?


How do you get your news?

  1. Internet

  2. Newspaper

  3. Network

  4. Cable

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  1. I'm curious as to how everyone gets their news: Internet, Newspaper, Network News or Cable Tv?
  2. I'm a Wall Street Journal girl - so newspaper for me.
  3. Mostly by watching GMTV every morning before I go to work. The 5 minute news is always on at the same time I have my cereal. I check the bbc website for news updates and extras too from time to time.

    Edit: Oops I totally forgot to say that I read the papers everyday too. By the time I get to read them in the evening though it's pretty old news.
  4. The poll doesn't allow multiple choices, and doesn't have phone calls or radio.

    I get news in lots of different ways, but generally speaking, it is my observation that the internet, depending on which sources you read, can run around 3 weeks or so ahead of CNN.
  5. I like your post! I didn't even think of radio (or podcasts!). Some people have PMd me to say they download NPR podcast to their iPod and listen to them.

    Thanks for responding, and if you listen to radio or podcast just reply. Thanks!
  6. Mainly on my homepage, and sometimes when watching the 9 pm news.
    Keith Olberman's Countdown
  8. I do watch the evening news, as well as the morning news for local news information - everything else, I learn online - so I'd have to say 50% online and 50% newtork tv.
  9. Internet, I never watch the news, I hate it. We also get the weekend papers, but to be honest, I mostly look at the pictures. haha
  10. I never watch the local news. It's too stressful and depressing. I only read certain sections of the newspaper, and I get the rest of my news online. Otherwise I'm tired of hearing about people getting killed constantly.
  11. I read the Washington Post every morning while eating breakfast. Not the whole newspaper, though, just the interesting things.
  12. I agree the news is so depressing, I don't always watch it, prefer to turn a blind eye to all the tragedy in the world but then I feel so out of touch & watch it or look on the 'net!
  13. Radio.
  14. All of the above--morning paper, tv news, radio, internet, etc.
  15. I get most of mine from the newspaper, but my government teacher requires that we watch a Sunday morning newsprogram and write a short summary of what they were talking about. So mostly newspaper and some network news.