How do you get your men to be so Coach-friendly?

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  1. After reading Stacee's thread about how Coach has changed your men, I'd really love to hear some tips from you ladies about how to get your SO to accept your Coach/handbag addiction :nuts: I'm very lucky to have a wonderful, amazing boyfriend. But when it comes to Coach (or handbags in general), he thinks that no one needs more than 3 bags! That said, he's been very good at spoiling me with Coach gifts on special occasions. However, he feels that my collection has gotten out of hand and whenever I mention wanting more Coach, he just rolls his eyes and tells me I don't need any more :rolleyes:

    Then I go on here and read all about your lovely SO's who are VERY understanding about our addiction and that some are even enablers! It makes me wish that my bf was more Coach-friendly lol. So my question is, how do you ladies do it? How do you get your men to happily accept your on-going, over-the-top Coach addiction?

    Now my current dilemma is, he's been asking me what I want for Valentine's day, and I think you ladies can already guess that Coach would be on my wishlist. But now that my collection has more than doubled in the last several months (thanks to tPF!), I'm kind of hesitant to tell him that I want more Coach lol :sweatdrop: He already gave me the "How much more Coach do you need?!" speech when I told him I wanted Coach for Christmas. And this was before I started shopping at the outlet and doubling my collection :P So, how do I tell him that the only thing on my Vday wishlist is Coach? *sigh* I really wish he would understand!
  2. My DH is super wonderful, understanding and enabling. He knows as much or more than me about Coach. He purchased my 1st through 8th bag and many more after that. He is the one the found our Local Outlet..

    Have said all those great things - he does not understand or like that I have so many bags but he loves me very much and is accepting of my addiction...

    You can not change him so do not try. If you want more Coach for V-Day tell him that that is what you want and if he gets it for you good for him if not understand that he does not have a pasion for it you do... So maybe you can get yourself a little something.. for V-day.
  3. Does he have any hobbies/collections of his own that you can use against him, ooops I mean compare to? :graucho: My bf is addicted to dvds and every week buys at least a couple of new movies. He has well over 500 and counting. So, whenever my Coach addiction comes up, I compare it to his dvd obsession. And he understands. :smile:
  4. Easy... I try to keep his visits to the store a minimum so he doesn't hate it :smile:
  5. I agree with CodeGirl - my bf is obsessed with football. My Coach addiction may be a bit pricier, but he can understand the nature of obsession. Perhaps you just need to tell him that while you may have a large collection, it is what makes you happy.
  6. My boyfriend is kind of similar when it comes to think that I don't need that many bags. However, he goes with me to the outlets an FP stores when I ask him to. He keeps reminding me that indont need those bags and I know it's true but can't help it.
    For valentines day he is considering coach among oter things. I guess if I really really want the bag I'll tell him. He knows that I just can't wait for him to buy me something, if I want certain bag I just go and get it if there is money of course.
  7. My 1st question is you work????

    If you work and have your own income my answer would be a bit different then if you don't. I'm certainly NOT saying that SAHM is not a job, but often with only 1 income the money can get tight.

    I'm an agressive gal, and hubby knew that going in and the poor FOOL married me anyway. If I want something and I have $$$$ in MY pocket for it, if the bills are paid he has NO SAY!!!! He knows this, and sometimes he even thinks my little "hobby" is kinda cute.

    Don't make him shop with you...and whatever you do DON'T ever complain about something else you "need" within 1 month of having just asked for and received or purchased yourself a Coach bag!!!!

    Point out when others compliment you on your bag, and make sure he knows that this is better then say gambling or drinking!!!

    All in all my DH can acept me the way I am or he can go fly a kite. I support him, he supports me and everything else is just small details.
  8. Also, not to sound snippy, but to me all bets are off with BF's unless he was supporting me or had a ring on my finger!!! LOL
  9. It's not that I want to change him...I would just like for him to maybe just let me be and accept that I'm a Coach fanatic. I'm sure that not every guy out there was thrilled with or had a passion for Coach and handbag addictions before the relationship progressed. From what I've read on here, it looks like over time, a lot of Coachies were able to get their men to come around, or to subconciously start learning the names and other Coach info, or even getting excited about spotting Coach out in public.

    I also realize that he will never have a passion for it, and I completely understand that. I don't expect him to have a passion for it (actually, I'd be scared if he did lol). I know he loves me, and I know he would still buy me Coach nomatter how much he tells me that I don't need another bag/wallet. I guess I just want to stop feeling guilty/bad about asking him, knowing that he doesn't understand my obession. I think it also has to do with the fact that Coach can be an expensive addiction/obsession. I don't think he'd care much or question me if I had an obsession with buying $15 bags from Wal Mart lol.
  10. I just tell him that no more Coach for me equals no more hockey jerseys for him. That shuts him up pretty quick! :P
  11. This is exactly like my bf! And it's not like he's "anti-Coach"...I think he just thinks that when I get to a certain amount, I should be content with it and stop there. I know that deep down and logically, I should, too. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and I always find more goodies I want to add to my collection lol.
  12. :yahoo: ROFL I'm with you on that!
  13. U r so smart and sneaky...break him in now with the help of tpfers! If u read stacees thread, then u read my post. I was just talking with another tpfer that my post included the only non coach supporting 'boy'(husband). Are the tpfers drugging their coffee??!! Or...???!!! Nudge nudge, wink wink. Bless all those lovely coach supporting men!
    All kidding aside, good luck!!!!!! And keep us posted how the training goes:smile:
  14. My bf has a pretty extensive DVD collection too, and ever since he got a PS3 a few years ago, he buys Blu-Ray movies rather regularly. In his defence, his obsession isn't as pricey as mine :P I also don't think he's obsessed with it, but will casually pick up a movie or two if he's shopping out and about. I sometimes compare my Coach obsession to his obsession for expensive electronics. But again, in his defence, he only splurges on those big ticket items once in a while. I mean, how often can you buy a large screen HD TV? And you can't have a massive collection of home theatre systems, right? :P I think he just needs to have an obsession that's a little more comparable to mine....because sometimes it seems like we're comparing apples and oranges lol. I love your advice though, and maybe I just need to work it a little more! ;)

    This sounds so simple and logical...why haven't I done this before?? :nuts: Thanks, Stacee! I think this might be the first step in getting him to lay off on the Coach interrogations lol ;)
  15. My boyfriend is very understanding about it because he is just happy I have found something to occupy my time and I am excited about so if he wants to do his guys stuff he doesn't feel as guilty. Plus he is very into buying DVDs and electronics and those can be expensive so he understands wanting to own nice things to show off to people and the feeling you get when you first get it. If you explain how happy it makes you every time you receive or get a coach item maybe he would be more understanding of it knowing where you are coming from. Sometimes guys just need explanations.