How do you get your keychains on your bag?

  1. Short of breaking all my nails, how do you ladies do it?:sad:
  2. Honestly, I make my husband or dad do it. But if I'm too excited and i want to just put it on my bag already i just put it with the coach hang tag.
  3. i try to stick the keys edge in there, then once i have it jammed - i slowly turn the key width wise & pry open the ring
  4. use a key to open up the key ring then slide it on to the bag...

    good luck!
  5. I use a chain like the chain that holds the I basically have the hangtag on one chain and my keychain on another chain.
  6. oooh the trigger snap keyring is a great idea! I am going to check my craft stores for those.
  7. Thanks Ladies! I ended up having it share the Coach hang tag ballchain.
  8. :cursing:I don't even bother trying I take the the key ring off and slip the charm onto the ball chain, I also purchased a spring/trigger clip which I attached to a key ring and clip my keys inside the bag to the D ring.

    Has anyone noticed the two "BRASS" key fobs in the new catalog? One is a pierced Coach medalion, the other has multiple padlocks, they come with a spring/trigger clip:idea:!!!!!
  9. Great Idea! :okay:
  10. $6.99 plus $4.65 for shipping? That is insane!

    Check the key section of your hardware store. The most expensive I've seen is $3.99, which is still WAY less than they are trying to sell them for here.

    I was just at my local hardware store (McLendon's for you Washington State dwellers) and got a nickel dogleash style clip for $1.21. It is exactly the size that is used on the Coach Charms. I also got a brass one for $3.99.
  11. good ideas! i always struggle with the key fobs and rip my nails to shreds!
  12. Haha, I just make SO do it. He has a much easier time of it!