How do you get your Buon Viaggio to hold shape?

  1. :yahoo:yay so i just got my Inferno BV in the mail today! i :heart: it! thing is when i put stuff into it the bottom kinda goes *swosh* if i want it to always be flat should i stick something in it :huh:?

    thanx :p
  2. I've never cared about mine holding shape, but to make it do so, I would suggest maybe putting a piece of stiff cardboard in the bottom of your bag to make it stay flat.
  3. i tried a book but its too heavy haha, ill go in search of cardboard ^__^ thanks
  4. If it looks good, post pics - maybe I'll try it too.
  5. i don't have a BV, but i do have an MM. i put a small planner that fits perfectly and it helps retain the MM's shape.
  6. ditto what ecny said.. i've put a hardcover book in there and it did the trick.
  7. somebody, I forget who.. I think it was a Hawaii gal, maybe maya? was very adamant about this and uses a thin piece of plastic cut to the right specs... hopefully she will chime in w/more info...
  8. maya ^^
  9. books are heavyyyyyyy
  10. not really.. just a normal fiction book, not super thick or anything.
  11. I use a purseket to fit my everyday normal stuff. It distributes the weight and helps keep the bag its shape. As for books try a thick piece of card board.
  12. Yeah, I'm the one that cut a thick plastic sheet to the size of the bottom of the BV. Cardboard will eventually bend or maybe get wet if you put water bottles in your bag, etc.
  13. good suggestion...mine is always stuffed to the brim so I never have seen it flat..;)
  14. so far a piece of cardboard has worked for me on my BV and MM! =)
  15. yay for inferno bvs :tup: