How do you get wavy hair? (Think Paris Hilton)

  1. I don't know the first thing about hair if it's not straightening it.

    I really love that subtle wave look that Paris Hilton always has. Other celebrities have it but I am choosing her as the example. Actually, Nicole Richie in this picture has just about what I want, too.


    How do you achieve this? What products do you use and how do you maintain it throughout the day?

    My hair is naturally straight and I do go over it with a straightening iron just to make it super flat if that matters.

    Thanks so much for any help! I think it would be fun to do something a little different with my hair.

  2. Hot rollers or a curling iron. OR when you blowdry your hair, hit it with a cold shot to hold the curl on a round brush. BTW, both Paris and Nicole have extensions in that picture.
  3. How much is it to get extensions like that? I want some hot wavy ones like that :sad:
  4. I got bonded extensions yesterday & the hair was about $50. Applying the hair was about $10/track and that came around to $90. She curled it with a flat iron & it came out with big loose curls like that. Try it, just take the hair, put it in the flat iron & spiral it down the hair. You want to make the curls a bit tight so that they loosen as the day goes on.
  5. I have had extensions. I got SoCap. They cost me 2000 with tip. But they were fantastic! Lasted 6 months...Call some salons and go for a consult. It's free and then you can see what they say as far as price.

    I have naturally curly hair but when I just want only a little bit of wave, I flat iron it and then spray Bumble and Bumble surf spray in it. That works really well.
  6. I achieve this with having two twisted tails over night or for a few hours.(If you blow-dry them it takes less but i love it air dryed)
    if you have naturally really straight hair maybe you should use a spray or something that fixes the hair before twisting.
    hope it helps
  7. It appears that Paris is wearing some hair extensions. They probably used hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron to make this look.
    Without breaking the bank, and if you are only going to want hair extensions like for a special occasions - but you might want to use them again later. Possibly look into the hair extension line by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves - Hair You Wear.

    For more information

    Hair U Wear: Wigs, Hair Extensions, Hair Pieces And Hair Loss Solutions
  8. Easy......Hopefully your hair is long....after you wash it put in some mousse when it's damp and twist it in a tight bun on your head. let it air dry (several hours) and un-do it. Voila, perfect waves!
  9. ^ ooo im goign to try that tonight

    how do you avoid the kink though from your hairtie??
  10. Cut up an old tshirt into strands of clothes and use them to tie up your hair into little buns. The soft and stretchy fabrics will hold your hair in place but won't leave any kinks. ;)
  11. I might try a curling iron for starters only because I can't do anything that involves prep over night because my hair gets extremely greasy over night.

    How big of a curling iron would be best? Is 1 1/2 the biggest, or is that big enough?

    Thanks so much for the tips!
  12. i can get waves similar to that with using a 1" barrell curling iron and hairspray. First I blow dry then I curl. Lasts all day and night!
  13. hmmm, do you think 1 1/2" would be too big? I do want really loose ones but then again... I'm not sure how it will look! haha
  14. if you have very long hair, or extensions, i guess the 1 1/2 would be ok. i like the 1" because the waves look more noticiable.
  15. That's a good point, I'd be afraid of that extra 1/2" being too much. The only curling iron that's in my house is I think 1/4" and I tried it but it was nothing like what I wanted.

    My hair isn't too long, it's midway down my back, but I'm working on growing it even longer.

    With the 1", do you get curls that are tighter than Nicole's in that picture I posted at the top?