How do you get the PCE card?

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  1. Do i have to register for it? how do i receive one in the future?
  2. :confused1: It seems it luck of the draw with some of us being very unlucky! :sad:
  3. Each store sends them out to LOYAL customers. Spending a certain amount of money on Coach product doesn't qualify you (the people who spend the highest, I the BIG ballers get them, but not the average people).

    You have to pretty much buy only from one store, purchases made at department stores don't count, and I don't believe outlet purchases count either.
  4. See this is what gets me. This is the Coach party line but repeated posts on here by different people who have gotten PCEs in the past (or not gotten them) tell another tale. I still think it's random...
  5. Like I said in another thread, it doesn't hurt to build a personal relationship with an SA. They will ALWAYS take care of you even if you don't get stuff in the mail.
  6. I have yet to figure out how it works. I registered both online and stores but still didnt get one though some SAs would honor it for me. Then one time I spoke to the manager about it and and he suggested forming a relationship with the SA as someone mentioned. That same day at the store, I ordered something that they did not have at the store. Since then, I have recieved a card. So either it was the manager, or just ordering something. If I had to guess, it may have to do with ordering something.
  7. I was told by the head quaters that it was random.

    But magically when I complained about it in the store...I started getting letters from that store after my purchases, calls from that store and now the PCE card.

    I think it's random, with a twist!! It's sort of corrupt or something. I think they claim it's random, but I think stores may have a way to get people in that they think are gonna spend a lot in their store at that time and in the future.
  8. Sorry, I don't buy that. I don't have a boutique here in Montana but have shopped in ones in Florida, NYC and Vegas this year (each one only once). I am not loyal to any of them. I always get the PCE.
  9. Ohhh!!! I just knew today what PCE means... So, If I went two times too the store this month and they don't had the bag that I want but I receive it in the mail that means that maybe I will have a PCE card in the future? The only thing I received was a card from the SA telling me about the new models coming to the store...
  10. I got my PCE and used it, but I want say that if it is "random" I think thats poor business on Coach's part. The card states "preferred customer" that would indicate they are sent to "regular" customers and customers who frequently buy ( and personally I would think 1 bag a year should qualify you as a regular customer with the price of these bags). It would be good business sense to intice customers in who they know WILL buy something. If on the other hand its random I think Coach runs the risk of p*ssing customers off who may become angered if they are loyal customers and don't get a card, especially in todays economic times. I think a random draw would reflect that Coach does not value thier truly frequent buyers. Tell me how a gal who bought 1 or 2 bags within a year is NOT a "perferred customer and how would that gal possible not get a card...LOL
  11. I got PCE for the December event, and I didn't buy a bag until the end of August. But I bought 2 bags and a wallet at one store between August and November, and I stopped in often enough for them to get to know me pretty well. One of the SA's made me mad at that store by being snooty, however, so I switched my business to a store that is closer to my home (the other is closer to my job, which is good because I'm leaving that job in 2 weeks).

    I just bought a bag with my PCE (gave it to me even though I didn't have my card physically with me) at the new store and the girls there are so nice. I ordered the slim leather Carly and the girl that ordered it for me made me pretty much promise to open it there in the store when it comes in! :p They are knowledgable and give great service. Besides the fact that this store is great, I am going to make sure I always shop at this store so I get PCE again.

    I think whether or not you get PCE not only depends on your purchases at one particular boutique, but also if you have a good relationship with the store in general. Do they know you, recognize you, etc. Also, make sure in your account that it states that you want to receive mail, because I heard that can prevent you from getting one as well.

    HTH! :tup:
  12. whooo knows

    i got one in sept, nov, and now dec. lol weird.
  13. I think it has something to do with giving your name and address every time you make a purchase in the outlets and boutique. They always ask my name and read off my address they have for me in their system. Besides my theory who knows though.
  14. I have no idea how you get one other than buy a bag at a boutique. I primarily bought at Macys, online and by phone then purchased my first bag at a boutique in May of 07. I got an invitation to the June PCE. I also got an invitation to the September PCE, bought a bag in a boutique in September and now have the invitation to the December PCE. So 2 bags in 2 boutiques and 3 invites. Random.
  15. How many PCEs does Coach have in a year?

    I've never bought a bag from Coach, only 2 agenda refills and a charm totalling $60, and I got invited to the December PCE.