How do you get that last bit of lipgloss from the bottom and sides of the tube?

  1. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Such as the case with my favorite tube of lipgloss (Chanel Glossimer in Sirop). The middle portion of the tube is clear and there isn't enough gloss on the bottom of the tube to scoop out anything with the applicator and there is still a good portion near the twist opening.

    I did a search on TPF and couldn't find anything on the topic and when I googled, I was instructed to cut the tube in half. But anyone with a Glossimer can testify that this is impossible (unless I use a saw lol).

    So I ask you, any ideas on how to get this out? I'll love you forever.
  2. Thanks for posting that video link, it was quite informative. :biggrin:

  3. Yahoo!!! Thank you soo much!

    it went in the opposite direction, but thats ok. I guess
  4. and it sucks that lip glosses has that stopper in there in the first place. I wonder if my mascara has this!
  5. ^Yep, mascaras do too.
  6. Another option is to put ur lipgloss tube in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Then remove the stopper. Then pour the gloss out into a small container.
  7. That link just took me to a 20 minute video about some class being taught.

    Can someone please recap whatever method has been discovered to fix the OP's problem? Thanks.
  8. ^The link just shows you how to pop off the stopper on your lipgloss. Here's a stock photo of what it looks like:


    You'll basically want to pull off the clear/white plastic cap on the lipgloss tube. It keeps the lipgloss wand from getting to the sides of the tube.The guy uses a knife to wedge it off.

    (Sorry for the lopsided arrow. :p)
  9. Oooo I should do this!!!
  10. thanks for posting!
  11. Does anyone ever finish a lipgloss? Bravo to you!!!
  12. thank you for posting! i always get so annoyed with my mac dazzleglasses, because they run out so fast. great tip!
  13. great tip!!!! thanks for sharing this...
  14. I have heard of people mixing lip stick that's almost done with lip-balm to use the last of it.