how do you get self tanner off?

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  1. sooo...
    i have my first date since i broke up with my ex i decided i needed a "glow"...and since i couldn't find self tanner anywhere, i bought that lotion with the added self tanner (figuring that if i put it on enough, it would make a difference).
    well...6 times later, it works and i'm tan...BUT, i wasn't expecting it to turn my hands that weird orangey color (i really wasn't expecting it to work)...
    i've scrubbed and scrubbed and it's not coming, what else can i do? i only have a few hours before i need to leave...
  2. Oh no! Try some exfoliant and rubbing alcohol?

    BTW - Chanel makes a self tanner that works amazing. It gives a beautiful glow - not WHOA! - just nice. And it smells like white chocolate. Mmmm.

    And always wash your hands after you apply!!!

    Enjoy your date!
  3. had i really thought this would work, i would have washed my hands...sigh...didn't want my hands to be pale, too...

    and i should try the chanel next time (i didn't decide to even do this until nearly midnight, lol. i should plan better next time). about how much does the chanel cost?!
  4. when applying self=tanner i use rubber gloves. to do the hands, just put some on the top of one hand and blend it on the other. use the tops of the fingers to rub it into the other fingers. then just do the same with the other hand. works really well and no orange palms.
  5. Here provide drop shipping. There are more discount for wholesale.[/quote]

    wha? Mod please?
  6. Try mixing some baking soda in with a little bit of either lotion, baby oil or soap and rub it onto the orange areas. It is very abrasive and will help to remove some of the excess color.

    Be careful because it is easy to scrub too hard. Have fun on your date
  7. Hmmm... hard to remember, but around $55 Canadian. Probably about $40ish USD. I love it. Comes in 2 shades, I chose the golden one, b/c I am very fair and the other, bronze I think, would have been way too dark.
  8. oooh. totally affordable, too!
    i'll definately try that next time! thanks!
  9. Oh DO! I started a thread on it a while back cuz I love it so much. NO ONE responded.:crybaby: Hope you like it! Cheers and enjoy your date!
  10. i'll definately try that! *crosses fingers*

    and i'll have fun, that's for sure!!! i'm so ridiculously excited!
  11. aw. i've had lots of threads that no one ever responded to...
    but don't stop recommending products!
  12. you guys! it's not working! it's not coming off at ALL!

    but, dang...for $6, this crap works!
  13. Sorry kallison! I don't use gloves as some recommended...but I wash my hands right after applying and then I use cotton to reapply the lotion just to the tops of my hands.
  14. rubbing alcohol has always worked for me, saturate a cotton ball and rub, rub, rub!
  15. I havent tried this yet, but I have heard lemon juice is good for when to much lotion accumulates around knees and ankles. Its worth a try! Good luck and have fun on your date!~