how do you get rid of static from your stockings?

  1. i tried spraying that anti-static spray you buy from the shops on the clothing (tunic dresses mainly) i wear over my tights but it still seems to stick and im always having to pull my dress down, so annoying. maybe im not doing it correctly? :confused1:

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Pass them over a wire coat hanger. If you can, check the humidity of your closet/bedroom/whatever and try and increase the humidity which will lessen static electricity.
  3. Apparently, Hair spray works really well although don't spray too much or it will look wet. Just a light spray.
  4. I think you can rub a dryer sheet over them and that works too.
  5. Rub lotion on your legs first. Trust me, it really works :smile:
  6. Don't your tights stick to you legs & you have a really hard time putting them on?

  7. ^ Yep! :yes:
  8. That's what I do. Always seems to help a lot.
  9. thats the way I do it too!
  10. haha sorry for my ignorance but just a few moments ago I had no idea what dryer sheets were :wtf: wow I don't think they sell them here in Australia.. I'll go check my grocery aisle for them when I go out next.