How do you get rid of rust from zipper?

  1. I got an vintage bag and there is some rust on the zipper. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it safely? :confused1:

    My bag is white leather and I don't want to ruin the leather surronding the ziper. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Maybe CLR? I dont have any here but you could look at the directions, It tells you on the back of the bottle what it works safely on.
  3. Thanks Cherthompson! But what does CLR stands for? Is it CLR Cal / Rust / Lime Remover?
  4. Try WD-40. I know that may sound weird but it works great on rust and its safe (but spot test with a cotton tip 1st) on leather.
  5. Ewww, maomee - I wouldn't get WD-40 around a leather handbag in any way - I'd be afraid the oily stuff would get onto the leather around the zipper.

    Cleaning this is going to be hard - maybe take it to a shoe repair shop and see what they allow? Or give them a call?
  6. :biggrin: I know it sounds gross (I haven't had the need to try...although I have a suede tan purse that's been so grungy its looking black/gray that I may actually try it out, I'll report back if I do try) but I've read plenty of positive feedback on using WD40 with leather... see here:
  7. OK, OK - I just hate the smell of that stuff! I'll be waiting to hear how yours turns out :smile:
  8. Thanks for posting this! I especially find this use interesting:

    Prevent squirrels from climbing into a birdhouse