How do you get rid of millia?

  1. I have a few millia bumps under my eye and I can't get rid of them!! They are stubborn little suckers!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. I have them too, but I'm of no use I can't advise you. I have had one on my eye lid and some on my nose. I DO NOT advise anyone to do this but I got rid of some by scratching (gently) my skin every now (where the millia was) and then eventually the skin thinned and then I could pop it out. It took ages until they could come out. Sorry I sound vile, but I don't have any safe method to tell you about. May be a dermatologist can help.

  3. I starting getting these little brats a few years ago.

    I did lots of research online and with aestheticians.

    There is basically nothing you can do.

    MH21 said
    "eventually the skin thinned and then I could pop it out."
    She's right. That is about all you can do. Don't pierce the skin with a needle or anthing. That won't help and may cause an infection.

    Some very gentle exfoliation may help the "pop out" phase.

    Check and They will say the same.

    Then do a search on tPF for "best foundation!"
  4. i went to a dermatoglist for this and hate to sound like a broken record, but you can't do anything about it. she said to try something like retin a under the eye so it will peel away a bit until it comes out but, really nothing. it's not like a zit you can just pop b/c like you said, they are stubborn little buggers.
  5. I had one for about 2 months under my eye. I scratched it with a needle then gently squeezed it. It came out quite easily and now I don't have the white hard lump anymore.
  6. I had three of these recently and used a needle to get them out. It was really awkward and felt a bit painful!
  7. Ugh, another sufferer here. Discouraging to read there's nothing that can be done about them!
  8. Go get a facial by someone who does good extractions. This is the only way to remove them safely w/o risking hurting your skin. My facialist said that millia is caused from a build up of oils under the skin, and is usually from using products that are "too heavy" for our skin. Get a facial, and then try replacing your moisturizer or foundation (if you use it) and see if they stop coming back.
  9. I'm an aesthetician and the only way to get rid of them is through extractions. For those it usually requires using a lancet (needle) to break open the top layer of skin so the hardened sebum can be extracted.
    Then to be sure you don't get them again find an eye cream/face cream that does not have mineral oil or lanolin in it. Both can clog pores. There are a few good products out there, the one line I love and promote daily is Arbonne. I have completely switched over to their lines and will not put anything else in my home or on my family. I love the products so much that I am an active consultant with their company.
    Check the ingredients of what you are currently using and if you see mineral oil that is probably the culprit. I was using LaMer prior to switching over to Arbonne and I had the most millia and pimples while using that line...reason why is that they use mineral oil in their moisturizers.
  10. Thanks, I will make an appt. Thanks for all the suggestions, the mineral oil makes sense because I was trying an eye cream from Mary Kay and it has mineral oil included in the ingredient list!! Trash!! NO MORE Mary Kay for me.
  11. I had milia for around three years , happen around my undereyes and some
    around the cheeks but not anymore . It has cleared away after I started
    using the milia treatment cream from naturalis ,slight over a week in my
    case . It can be very annoying to look at these white bumps that never seem
    to go away . Try not to extract yourself ,cos I read online that you might
    actually damage your skin and causes scarring . LOL hope it works on you as
    well as it did for me

    milia treatment cream naturalis - Google Search
  12. Hi Fippy, I would like to ask where can I buy that naturalis product? Im from Philippines, do you know any shop here that I can buy that?Thanks so much. I also have many millia around my eyes.thanks...
  13. Please don't get it extracted! Stop using heavy creams in that are (yes, eye cream) and go see your dermatologist for a mini peel and prescription for a low-dose retinoid.

    Extractions are painful and they damage the skin. You'll hate yourself when you're older and you have broken capillaries, scars, etc. Even a great facial can have consequences.
  14. mmm.. what is the difference between milia and whiteheads?

    I've been troubled by tiny white "strings" in the pores of my nose (ewww), cheeks close to nose and just below my lip area. There is no secretion. Is this milia? I don't force it, but I've had to resort to using very fine tweezers to extract some of them. They are above the surface of the skin and come out fairly easily.

    I usually exfoliate in the shower and I have been seeing much more on my face recently. Might be due to snacking lots lately on chips and soda. I also wonder if it is from the lotion left by the brand of tissues I use (Puffs). I don't normally see this much on my face.
  15. What is millia? [Pardon my ignorance]

    I think I know what it is but I'm not sure. Are they just like bumps that really don't have a "white" or "black" head in them? If so, I think I have one on the bridge of my nose.