How do you get rid of creases on your ponytail scarves?

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  1. My best friend in the whole world (who is totally psychic) just bought me a legacy stripe ponytail scarf, which is one of the items I've been lusting after. I was actually hoping DH or someone would get it for me for Christmas, but she beat him to it!

    The thing is, it was folded up and put into one of those smaller Coach boxes since it was a present, so it's all creased like an accordion. I didn't want to take an iron to it until I asked you ladies on the forum.

    How should I get the creases out? What setting, steam level, etc. works best?
  2. I used my iron on the silk setting (one of the lowest settings). I didn't use steam either, and that worked for me.
  3. Iron works for me.
  4. I used my hairstraightener and it was fine. It sounds weird but it was really easy, I just put the scarf through it twice and it was done
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll try that today. Can't wait to tie this on my new Carly. :p
  6. Put it on ironing board, put a towel over it, then steam through the towel. Works for me and no chance of damage that way. I've damaged stuff on the iron's silk setting before, but then again I can be an idiot in that department.
  7. I steam my scraves , I like to hang them up looking nice and perfect
  8. They steam them at Coach when they sell the ones that are tied on bags to get out the creases.
  9. Yep, if you are afraid of ironing it then just drop by Coach. They have a steamer in the back and can get the creases out for you. That is how all the scarves in the store are free of creases!
  10. Funny story!

    I use my hair straightener. ^^;

    It's a Solia, cost me about 100 bucks, and it has like tourmaline blades so it's super protective or whatever.. and it doesn't damage my hair.. and it worked wonderfully for my scarf! Got rid of all the little creases and stuff that it got from letting it stay in it's bowtied form. xD
  11. I've always wanted a steamer for my home. What brand do you use and where did you buy it from? I'd go to Coach, but it's really far away from my home and the gas will be a total waste if I go just for the steaming. <_< Of course, I could buy some things while I'm there to make it worthwhile... jk.
  12. LOL! me too - I always use a towel on questionable stuff...