How do you get past the sunglasses sticker shock?

  1. I want a pair of LV sunglasses so bad, but I am having trouble getting past the price. I go back and forth on wanting them. I mean, for $600, I could get (almost) another bag or I could do lots of other stuff (non-LV). I know they are probably the nicest sunglasses ever, but again, I am just having trouble justifying $600 for sunglasses.
  2. I want a pair, too. It is a lot for sunglasses!! I'm still trying to justify the price.
  3. You can imagine what my hubby is saying about buying $600 sunglasses, when even I am questioning the price. He thinks I am crazy spending the amount of money I do on any LV (and I don't have many pieces). He said that he would help me buy them, but again, I am just having trouble saying yes, I definately want them because of the price.
  4. totally know that feeling, there is a pr of LV sunnies I want and i'm shaking. So i'm opting for the same shades made by Marc Jacobs, my eye doc has a pair and and i've decided on those for 1/2 the price.

  5. I've went as high as $350 on sunglasses and felt bad about that! I just get nervous if I scratch them or lose will I feel?
  6. I actually did not have any hesitation when I bought my LV sunnies. They're individually hand-made, not mass produced like lots of other brands of sunnies, and they are SUCH amazing quality and the detail on the sunnies are just amazing. I've had many pairs of sunnies before and no other pair compares to my LV ones, especially the metal frame ones that lose their shape after awhile from being in my bag or where ever.
  7. The most I have spent on sunglasses is $150 and that was for some RayBans, which I bought 2 years ago and still have them. My eyes are very sensitive to the sun and I wear sunglasses at any time that I am outside, so they will get used. I am also very careful with my glasses, but you never know when an accident can happen. I guess if I do get them, I will just have to be extra EXTRA careful.
  8. I know that once I try them on, I will have to have them, but still, I am afraid of the price. I can't help it. It just isn't in me to spend that much on a pair of sunglasses.
  9. i didn't have any hesitation on the glasses because they are so well made and fits so perfectly on the face. i on the other hand hesitate at the jewelry, scarves, keychains etc. i think once you try them on and see how nice they are, it's a great asset to your collection. besides after you buy a pair, you probably don't need another pair of sunnies for a long long time.
  10. My Louis Vuitton boutique doesn't carry Louis Vuitton sunglasses, so it's been a no-go for me in that department. I'm sure you'll get a ton of use from them though.
  11. once you own a pair, you'll never want for any other sunglasses brand. they're just not the same, you'll feel it instantly.
  12. They are in a league of their own! I can't believe I spent over $1k on a pair! but I dont regret it!
  13. I just can't justify the price so I stick with Chanel and Dior for sunnies :smile: And Gucci! I get a lot of them at Off 5th for 60 bucks :yahoo:
  14. Lucky! I bought a pair of Alain Mikli eyeglasses for over $1,000 a year ago and only have used them about 15 times since I bought them. They're similiar to Louis Vuittton because it's a luxury fashion house that handmakes their items in Paris.

    I just wish I could get as much use from them as you, but they are amazing glasses and I love wearing them.
  15. You can take them home & see if the fit, beauty and your love for them justifies the price :graucho:.

    Just be sure your boutique gives refunds -- some only do store credit. (My nearest LV is in Carmel CA & their receipt states refunds within 14 days, store credit within 30 days. But I've bought in San Jose & Palo Alto, & theirs state only credit within 14 days).