How do you get over the fact that you can buy a purse for price of a wallet?

  1. I love LV wallets, but I think they're so expensive! For $500-600, I could get a new purse. How do you justify the purchase? TIA!
  2. I dont know about you but my wallet was half the price of my bag (utah wallet/taiga bag) I suppose that isnt always the case...even my navaglio was still more expensive than my utah wallet....and aside from just buying it and not using it..which is a waste does anyone in the forum have to justifiy LV???..we love it thats what matters
  3. Well...when NOT having the wallet bothers me more than how much it costs.

    But then again, I'm kinda nutty!!
  4. They are a bit high... but they last a really long time. :tup:
  5. ummmm............. LOL........ close your eyes and press submit. :graucho:

    I'm dying for a MC white zippy......... argh!
  6. i bought a pocket agenda for 195.00, it took me a long time to finally get it, and it was a gift...! took me some time to actually decide to keep it
  7. I agree with you, i feel like a wallet that costs $500-600 is way too much! I think its ridiculous. I feel like its something that sits in your bag most of the time and nobody sees it as much as they see your handbag itself. I purchased a beautiful charm & luck wallet for about 250 and i felt like that was a splurge for an accessory, i'd rather put the money towards a bag! I do love LV wallets though..
  8. I think when you take out your wallet to pay for things and you see that beautiful lv wallet, it is just worth it. I've had my mono pti for over a year now. My dh bought it for me for mother's day last year. I never would have spent the money for it myself, and I even chastised him a little when I saw how much it was. But now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometimes the smaller items mean more. they have more detail than some bags which is why the high price tag. It just pulls your total look together.
  9. I felt the same way before, but I bit my tongue and just purchased the Mono Zippy. After the buy, I don't know why I waited so long. LV wallets are made to last!
  10. I've invested on my lv wallet knowing I'd be loving it and using it almost everyday.. lv wallets are durable, practical, very well made.
    worth every penny IMO
  11. i prefer the detailing on small goods over LV bags...
    i've had my koala for a year...looks exactly the same as when i bought it! im sure this wallet (if i won't be bored of the style, can be used up to 15 years at least!
  12. I got my first LV bag in 99 but didn't get a wallet until this past Xmas. I couldn't justify the price either but always wanted one. My hubby finally got me one (the mono pochette) for Xmas and since he broke the taboo I turned around and picked up the Vernis French Wallet (even more expensive than the one he got me!). I am now lusting big time for the Koala in Amarante but now that it is 700 plus dollars I am going to have to say no. That's just too much in my book.
  13. i have just bought a zippy .. it costs more than a speedy 30 !!! but i love it to death.... i guess i justfiy it by the fact that i use my wallet every single day ~! and as rensky said above, the detailing and handcraftship of a wallet is more than a bag....
  14. My friend actually has an LV wallet from her grandma that she purchased in the 60's and it sill looks beautiful. That alone justifies the purchase for me.

    I love LV wallets. I think they tie the whole LV look together.
  15. For me I like having nice things on the outside, I would rather purchase a LV purse than spend $500 plus on a wallet. I use my Coach and Lodis wallets inside my LV bags and they are high quality as well. I would rather pay $375 on the multicolor keychain pastilles to hang on the outside of my bags than pay for a LV wallet. I don't care for the contents in my bag, it's the outside that gets the attention.