How do you get over post-vacation pounds/blues?

  1. Recently, I was able to begin to lose some weight, 10 pounds in a month or so, which was the best I've done in a while...
    I usually don't like to divulge my weight issues:shame: , but y'all seem like such a nice group, so I'm would you get over the pounds you gained while on vacation? Thanks for the listen!
  2. i've lost about 25 this summer, and i'm about to go on vacation and will not be on my diet during that time, and in my experience, the best thing you can do is just refocus yourself. don't beat yourself up, an indulgence is absolutely fine, but just get back to reality and back to your diet routine. don't put it off, say you're going to start now and actually do it.
  3. Do exactly what you did not loose the pounds to begin with, smaller meals and exercise....
  4. Right, yes...It just seems that my nature is to get a bit in a funk when my earlier "hard work" ends up like this.
    I do realize that tommorow is a new day, but for now, I guess I'm just a bit:crybaby: .
  5. My vacations take me to music camps, usually in large national forests. Because you walk, carry your instrument, backpack, etc., I end up LOSING weight on vacation in spite of all the good food we get fed! My dilemma is keeping that weight gone once I get back to my painfully sedentary lifestyle.

    As to the post-vacation blues? I got home on June 24. I'm still in a funk.:crybaby:
  6. I just relish the fact I had a great vacation and try to muster up the discipline to get back to my pre-vacation routine. I too tend to lose weight on vacations because I am much more active throughout the day and evening on vacay than I would be sitting at my desk at work. But, with a lot more eating (and drinking) on vacation some good habits get broken.

    I would say just don't beat yourself up. A short vacation with a slip or two of diet/exercise routine isnt' the end of the world when it comes to making a healthy (lifelong) lifestyle choice to eat well and exercise regularly.