How do you get out of a "funk"?

  1. This year has not been exactly great for me so far. There has been a lot of personal problems in my life and I have started to feel overwhelmed. I used to be the person who could smile her way through anything, but not this time. I have just been so "blah" lately. Any ideas on how I can pull myself out of this funk?
  2. I have been there, girl. I always do a little shopping therapy to pull myself out of the "funk" but when that even fails, I just try to pull my friends closer. It is hard because I usually shut everyone out when I am down, but it really does help to have friends who support you nearby to talk to, hang out with, etc. I really hope you can pull yourself up. If there's anything I can do, or if you want someone to talk to, you can pm me anytime! I'll say a prayer for you today :smile:
  3. I can relate and this blah stage will pass. I agree with reth^, spending time with friends really helps. Make a list of things you want to do or need to do, friends to call or hang out with and keep it handy. When you feel down, try to do one thing on the list. Exercise also helps, so perhaps you can join an exercise activity in your area. Hang in there, Missy!
  4. excercise or doing something physical can jump start me. I am PMSing right now and am going outside to do some gardening so I don't snap at my DH all day...:lol:
  5. A lot of this depends what your problems are. Just getting it off your mind, i.e. shopping, is just a temporary fix.
  6. Shopping is not really the answer for me right now. (part of the problem has been financial) I used to rely on my boyfriend alot but he is also part of the problem! I do think I will try to exercise more. I could always use that! I have been trying to work on a list of things that I am thankful for to help remind me on days like this. Thanks for all the advice and kind words!
  7. Candles and bubble baths work wonders for me.
    Sitting in front of the ocean or starring at the stars also puts things in perspective for me.
    When I'm in a funk I begin to literally count and list my blessings and then I realize that I've got it pretty good.
    Seek out the positive.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hugs to you.
  8. One word:

  9. Friends, family and just staying busy. Read a book youve been meaning to, or maybe sign up for a class or workshop - something fun. Or sit down and write out how youre going to fix the problems that are causing the funk. Sometimes just being proactive can make things better *hugs
  10. Dunno :shrugs: but when you find out can you please let me know. Obviously something in the water right now!

  11. Ah yes, the best antidepressant ever! :tup:
  12. While all of the warm and fuzzy suggestions are fine it still does not address your issue(s). It only puts it off temporarily. Very few problems fix them selfs.

    You need to address these issues and get them behind you so you can move towards a comfortable life. Maybe you could, in a nut shell, tell us some your issue(s).
  13. I'll third that. Maybe it's the summer solstic?
  14. Exercising..
    It's not the funnest thing to do but once you start seeing (and feeling!!) the results it just makes you feel good inside!

    I'm sorry that you feel blah though.. I know exactly how you feel since last year I went through a period of a couple of months when I was just completely depressed.. I mean I didn't do anything at all except just curl up under my bed and stay there forever. I'm really glad that phase has passed because when I was going through it it felt like it would never end.

    Feel free to PM me anytime :smile::yes:! It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who gets "blah" sometimes!
  15. This is what I did tonight for my case of the blahs: went to the gym for a little bit (ran for half an hour on the elliptical to get the heart rate up, lifted some light weights because it makes me feel tough :smile: hehe) then came home to soak in a nice bath with a brand new book (borrowed) and a glass of wine. For me, it was perfect :smile: I love endorphins from the gym... and a workout almost always makes it so I can sleep at night (I have terrible insomnia) I hope you find something that helps!