how do you get money to buy LV's???

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  1. I wanna know lol
  2. work and save :tup:
  3. I recently started a new job, with a good income. I'm able to save, donate, and . . splurge every so often. We don't go on expensive vacations, nor do we have credit card debt. It really makes me happy to be in a position in which I can reward myself.
  4. work and work and work=lots of saving!
  5. Going to work five days a week instead of sun bathing everyday.:P
  6. Working then scrimping and saving from my puny salary. :sweatdrop:
  7. work and save, work and save!
  8. Work and I try to reward myself during bonus time as well.
  9. Save save save and save some more.
    I watch how I spend my money so that I can have some extra cash to reward myself.
  10. Work 10 to 12 hours a day, weekend try to make money by giving tuition, and start to have my own little business. Bottom line: WORK HARD.
  11. I only started buying LV lately. But yes my LV indulgences (and indulgences in general) come from a (sad) pattern that resembles running on a wheel like a hamster: work and save, and work, and save.. and work... and save. Oh, and spending hubby's money :greengrin: :P, that helps too. Thank goodness for a generous hubby who understands and is quite for the enjoyment of finer things in life :greengrin:.
  12. old stuff:P
  13. i work my butt off!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. work my bum off and hope that the BF is going to give me a 'just because' gift soon.. our anni is just too far away :lol:
  15. Work Mon-Fri, and sometimes in the weekend for extra commission! So I deserve it! :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.