how do you get makeup out of clothes

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  1. went to ross and they had a white polo shirt for 11.99 cause of makeup was on it .
    i cant put it in clorox cause theres a black little horse on it and dont want to ruin that so how do you get foundation of a white polo shirt?
    thanks in advance for the help
  2. I googled this recently, and it says use alcohol and pat it off....
  3. I always use the method of wetting the area and putting on liquid detergent and rubbing the fabric together. They make a tide brush which essentially does the same thing but it tends to be harsher on fabrics then simply doing it by hand with cold water.
  4. baby wipes have helped me when it came to foundation stains
    they are very effective and gentle on your clothing
    rub it with babywipes and wait till it dries to see if it is entirely clean
    otherwise do it again