How do you get lighter colored eyebrows?

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  1. I have naturally dark brown hair but want to get really light brown colored eyebrows. I've tried to lighten them myself with a bleaching cream from the drugstore, but they came out too orange (especially in the sun). So many celebrities have light colored eyebrows with dark hair, like Angelina Jolie, Padma Lakshmi, etc. What do the professionals use to lighten them?
  2. I think some makeup artists use joleen cream bleach, but the trick is to know how long to leave it on for. I'm not sure really, but I'd leave it on for five minutes and tissue it off. You can always lighten your brows up more, but darkening them is a total PITA. Hopefully someone else will have more info! :smile:
  3. Professionals bleach them, but they know how to do it so it doesn't turn out orange. I also want to mention that if your eyebrow hairs are long and you usually have to trim them when you get them done, I would avoid bleaching. You're going to have light brown eyebrows with dark brown roots, and it's not a pretty look. If you have short eyebrows, there isn't that much upkeep.
  4. You could also trim them with one of those battery powered hair trimmers. They come with an eyebrow trimming attachment. Then perhaps, use a lighter colored brow powder to fill it in?
  5. I've never tried lightening at home. My stylist lightens my eyebrows when she colors my hair. She mixes the color for my brows separately & applies it with an eyebrow spoolie then leaves it on for 15 minutes. I would ask someone at your salon to lighten your brows.
  6. Carmindy (from What Not to Wear) says to leave the bleach on for 8 to 10 minutes. But I would probably just have a hair stylist do it. Or, you can get a tinted gel and use that instead?
  7. I would definitely recommend going to a professional salon to get your eyebrows tinted lighter. It's dangerous to do that kind of thing at home.
  8. I dye my hair a light, coppery red and use an at-home bleaching kit from Nair to lighten my eyebrows. I leave it on for around 6-8 mins, but that's cause I have black brows.
  9. I use Jolen and it always turns out fine.
  10. If you leave Jolen on for 10 minutes and it is not happening, you should consult a pro, who may tell you that it is just not going to be a good choice for you, if they would have to leave strong bleach on so long that it would damage your brows, and irritate your skin!
  11. Thanks for all the info!