How do you get Ebay to lift selling limit off of your account?

  1. I can't list any of my LV items on eBay this week. Two weeks ago I was able to list 5 of them at a time, then it was three and now I can't list anything for 7 days. All of my stuff is authentic, purchased from LV boutiques and I have original receipts for every item I sell. I have about 50 feedback and it's 100% positive. I never have any issues with any of my buyers.

    I'm offended by eBay restricting my account. They claim that they are fighting counterfeiters, but they are so far behind. I see fake LV all over the place on their site, I did not see them do anything about it. And they go after an honest seller like me. They are so incompetent!!! :hysteric:

    I sent them an e-mail and it's been 3 days, no response yet. I called them, and no one answered the phone. It said go to Live Help. I went to Live Help and was directed to e-mail again b/c they were experiencing high volume of traffic. I'm so frustrated b/c now I'm sitting on my inventory and not able to sell before their fee hike takes effect! Ugh..I hate eBay :yucky:!

    Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get this selling limit removed? What do I have to prove to them that all of my items are authentic? This is so stupid! :cursing:
  2. As far as I'm aware there is no way to lift it. Maybe once your feedback is higher you may be able to list a few more
  3. actually i've had that happen to me..but for me it was alittle worse in that i couldn't edit my auctions more than once. It was horrible and I called their respresentatives and he did something to my account and now i'm able to edit as many times as i need and i can also post as many auctions as i need.

    just call them up and speak with someone about it..that's the only way it worked out for me.

    oh and it turned out that i had very little feedback and didn't consider me a seller so they minimized the amount of items i could sucky is that?