How do you get contact info for buyer?

  1. So, I'm getting ready to ship out the gucci purse, I just paid and printed the shipping label on Paypal when I realize their address is not confirmed!

    UGH! I stated CLEARLY that their address MUST BE CONFIRMED! This really frustrates me.

    How can I find the buyer's number? I've sent a few messages last night but still haven't gotten a reply. Please help!
  2. OK, so on paypal it says that it IS confirmed, and there's another place where it shows the exact address showing that it isnt? HELP!
  3. you do an advanced search on eBay and in the left hand column you select, "contact information" (you will need to enter the user id and transaction number).
  4. does paypal state that your transaction is covered by the seller protection plan? if it does, then the address is confirmed.
  5. It actually says ineligible? what should i do? I just talked to the buyer, she said that's the address she wants it sent to. The address is the same, but in one place says confirmed, in another says unconfirmed residential address?
  6. Should I just ship it, it DOES say confirmed at one point.

    Im so confused.
  7. You should called paypal to verify. I'm thinking the buyer confirmed the address after they paid you so your payment record show unconfirmed because it was recorded that way when payment was received. good Luck
  8. this is why i dont sell high priced goods on eBay. its too much of a risk. ;/
  9. I just called paypal, they said it should be fine. WISH ME LUCK! Thanks everyone!