How do you get chalk stain out of your bag?

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  1. Please forgive me if I'm sounding super dumb but do we have a section dedicated to Chanel caviar leather's care and maintenance on here? If we do I couldn't find it..........:thinking:

    More specific question, how do you clean your caviar bags? The back of my GST got some chalk from rubbing against my jacket (I teach so I get chalk on my clothes all the time) and I don't wanna just damp some cloth and clean it that way without making sure that it's okay to do that. Please help!
  2. a chalkboard eraser?? no really, it doesn't come off just by kind of brushing your hand over it? it is caviar so can't be too penetrable... i would do the lightly damp cloth thing personally... but that's just me. good luck!
  3. You can try to use a brand new toothbrush with a little bit of water (not wet) to very lightly clean it. Be careful though! The hard part about cleaning caviar is the stain would go into the cracks of the caviar.
  4. Thank youuuuu girls
  5. wow i can't believe how easy that was, I just used a damp cloth and pat it (as opposed to rub/wipe) on the leather....and voila, zero chalk residue!
  6. good to know! although don't know when i will next be using chalk.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. actually i am not immune to such work place hazards... my problem would be more like magic marker, paper mache or some spilled juice or squirting gogurt..... we don't really use chalk... glad your worked out your bag thing easily though!
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