How do you get a link on your posting?

  1. I'm new and can't figure out how to get a link in my posting. Any ideas?
  2. do you mean an attachment of a picture on your computer or a link to another website or????
  3. Yes exactly!
  4. a link to a website!
  5. you just copy and paste it into the same box you've been posting from :yes:
  6. Thank for your help. I'm still having trouble but I think it's the site I'm trying to link that's the problem. I appreciate your help.
  7. go into your brower. hold the apple/command button(or if you are on a pc hit control) and the letter a (will select all) then click apple C (to copy the link) then when you are ready to post, hit apple V to paste the link into your postage. once you submit the post, it will be right there.
    try it.