How do you get a hold of Daphne at BalNy?

  1. I have heard many of you say with confidence that she is fantastic at finding bags. Do you just call Balny? I really want an aqua city like the one that Powder sent back to her. It is gorgeous!
  2. Just call and ask for her and if she is not available they will transfer you to her voice mail. I love Kim, she is wonderful.:yes:
  3. ^^ Right, just call the store and ask for the SA you want. Daisy is great, too.
  4. I just call and ask for her.

    I called sunday to ask about new fall colors and she was hilarious....they aren't supposed to talk about them
  5. Just call and ask for her...but she is off Tuesdays and Wednesdays:smile:
  6. here's the number - 212-206-0872. anyone can help you pull a bag though. but i do like daphne a lot :smile:
  7. I dealt with Daisy too & she was really nice. She had to call me back a number of times even - and always did so - she even called me to let me know my bag had been shipped :smile:

    ETA: Powder posted to ask for the aqua city Melissa sent back! So maybe you can get the exact one :yes:
  8. I dealt with Daphne before when I bought my 07 black City from her. She cracks me up and got me all giggling on the phone. Love that chick!
  9. I think that one is already sold...and I'm not sure they would have another comparable one. In any case, Daphne would know since she saw it!
  10. Daphne said that they received a lot of calls re: the aqua city returned by Powderpuff. However, she picked out one for me that I am extremely happy with (I'll post pics. later).
  11. citychris, I wanta see, I wanta see!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: I couldn't find an aqua Work so I ordered a City.
  12. YAYYYYYYYY MRG we'll be Aquatwins after all:yahoo: !!
    Citychris you'd better be posting pictures soon...don't want to keep the picture whores waiting...;)
  13. Yeah, I hope I really like the color as much as I think I will. I've seen so many versions of the color. Post a pic of your so i can see yours, too!
  14. Okay, here we go. I included pics. of the aqua first I sold (too small). Although I liked the color and leather on the first, I prefer both on the city. The city color is deeper and more saturated and the leather is softer; overall I think it looks quite different.

    I had passed on an aqua city a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't sure the color would be the shade I wanted. I'm so glad I changed my mind (helped by photos from powderpuff and others). I really didn't want a bag that looked too bright or turquoise or too similar to BI. I think this bag looks like a brighter teal with a fair amount of green. I absolutely love it, couldn't be happier.
    aquacity1front.JPG aquacity2frontclose.JPG aquacity3back.JPG aquafirst1front.JPG aquafirst2back.JPG
  15. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    That is stunning! And you totally did the right thing- it looks a lot better in the City in terms of colour than the First (indeed very much like BI).
    My Aqua Work ships tomorrow, I don't know how on earth I'll be able to wait it out until next week...