How do you get a Goyard hand painted?

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  1. I was wondering if hand painting is only done exclusively by Goyard on Goyard leather goods? Or can you bring knock offs to Goyard for handpaiting? Or can you bring your Goyard somewhere else for hand painting?
  2. I am pretty sure that Goyard only paints Goyard. I am fairly sure that Goyard will not paint a knock off.
  3. Cool. So when buying pre-owned Goyard and it's hand painted it's pretty much authentic?
  4. I'm sure there are knock-offs with hand painting. A counterfeiter could hire someone to paint the fake bags they manufacture. I would post what you are considering to purchase in the authentication thread. The only way to 100% know you are purchasing an authentic Goyard with their artisan hand painting is to purchase directly from Goyard. HTH!
  5. Okay. Thanks. That's good to know! I was eyeing one and was asking at the authentication thread but never got a reply. It's sold now : (
  6. You will need to bring it to the place you bought it, they will send it to Goyard. As I recall, it cost around $350 a few years ago for initials and stripes. When I brought mine back to Bergdorf's, they were very particular about checking my receipt, etc. to insure authenticity. I would be VERY careful about buying Goyard (especially a St. Louis) anywhere but from an authorized retailer.
  7. So a preowned Goyard even though authentic can never be personalized, I guess?
  8. Call the store in San Francisco to be sure but I think not by Goyard.
  9. Authentic goyards can be personalized weeks or months after purchase, if in good condition.
  10. close up on my goyard with hand painted of my name
  11. i designed my own initial and strassed it with swarovski crystrals.

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  12. How long does it take to get a monogram done? I'll be in San Francisco this weekend, and our hotel is about a block from the Goyard store. After being *this* close to picking up a St. Louis tote in the cobalt blue last year in Boston, I've been kicking myself ever since for not taking the plunge. Now, after seeing some of the grey pics in this forum on you lovely ladies, I'm pretty sure I absolutely must have the grey. If I don't get one this weekend I know I'll regret it, so guess where my first stop will be tomorrow! I really like the look of the monogram, and I'd like to add one, but I'm terribly eager to get my hands on the bag itself. A month or so, I can handle. 2+ months, and I don't know I'll be able to stand the wait. Can anyone give me a time-frame?
  13. I have just enquired about personalisation in the London store and was told 5 weeks as it will be sent to the South of France.
  14. Oh, that's not so bad then. Probably an extra week or 2 since I'm in the US, I'd guess. Thank you!
  15. If you purchase from BG, they send to SF to do the personalization. It is about a 5 week turn around. I just ordered my 4th St. Louis. The stripes and initials were about $330.
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