How do you get a cell phone lanyard onto a camera?

  1. I just bought a new camera and hate the little flimsy strap that comes with it. I know some of you have posted you use the cell lanyards on your camera... Forgive me, but I'm lanyard-challenged and can't figure out how they work! :p

    Is there a certain way to put them on? I would love to get either one of these:

  2. you putthe strap (like that signature piece) through the black lanyard part- pull the sig piece through the string part. does that make sense? slide that black loop underneath the little hole thingy on the camera (where the strap goes) and pull the sig piece through the other side, over the little plastic part on the camera.
  3. Thank you! I guess it fits through that little black part then... I thought maybe there was some little hidden thingie I couldn't see. :shame:

    I keep looking at my cell phone but it must not work with mine... there isn't a little loop like the camera has to use it!
  4. yeah, i can't use a lanyard on my cell...i keep meaning to buy one for my digi cam. but you should be able to see the piece on your camera.
  5. what kind of phone do you have?? I have the LG Fusic and there is no spot to put a lanyard.........totally lame. I heard that all LG's are like that too. Oh well. You can always put the lanyard on your purse to use as a charm!! The digi cam is a good idea too. Or you can use it on your keychain!! :yes:
  6. ^i have an lg...i hate it!

    some of they would make cute zipper pulls or charms!
  7. I don't know what kind it is! haha! It's a Motorola flip phone... I've had it for a couple of years.

    I think I'm going to order one of the lanyards for my new phone now that I know it's not difficult to use!