how do you gals feel about the '06 lilac color?

  1. Love, love, love it!!!! :heart: :heart: Lilac is my favorite color, and I knew I had to get one this season. Here's some pics:
    100_1326_2.JPG 100_1333_2.JPG
  2. Cate,
    Every time I see your avatar, it makes me want a lilac ;) The last time I was at Barney's they had a ton of lilac Citys that varied greatly in tone (some were a really wierd, dull lilac, and only one had a pinkish tone like yours) I think you got a lovely one!
  3. I agree spiral, Cate's is a gorgeous shade of lilac, some of them are
    not as pretty :P

    aaa: I think if you like Lilac as a color in general then the bag would
    be great for you, it looks nice with whites and darks as well..IMO :yes:
  4. I love the lilac color. I had the twiggy for a short time. I find that this color photographs drastically. Sometimes it looks really pale. Alas, I sold it because it was too easter-pastel for me.

  5. I have been semi-looking for an '06 lilac, ever since I saw Cate's bag! I think it is beautiful.
  6. I think cate and murasaki(well the one she had) have the prettiest shades of the Lilac 06! I agree that some were really dull and grey looking. I like the ones with the pretty slightly pink tinted lilac shade w/o that grey cast.
  7. I love the lilac color. But the leather on all the bags I saw were so veiny and shiny :sad: . Cate - I think you got the only perfect lilac bag!
  8. I love lilac...but I love most light colors.
  9. i like the lilac, but i think it will look a lot better once it's nice and worn in. i'd like it a lot better if it had more grey undertones.
  10. thanks so much girls for your comments & gorgeous photos :love:
  11. A little late :shame: but I thought I'd add mine! My lilac twiggy... it has smooth leather :love:
    121_2120.jpg 121_2122.jpg
  12. love the lilac that PFers have, but i've seen pictures of different lilac bags on eBay where the lilac looks really grey and washed out. i don't like that as much.
  13. lovensparkle your lilac twiggy is soooo beautiful!
    You've just changed my mind, I want a lilac twiggy too!!:love:

    Beautiful beautiful!:heart::heart:
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