How do you fund your purse addiction?

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  1. Another TPF thread about being lucky to afford LV got me wondering how everyone here funds their bag addictions? We all know these things aren't cheap and could probably fund a third world country village for a month or more . What do you do for a living? Or do you have a generous significant other/family (pls adopt me if you do!) :P

    I personally have only bought a couple LV items (bag and agenda) as of recent, but have had a long love of bags that currently consist mostly of Coach, Cole Haan, Dooney, and a Gucci.

    As for me, I work in finance as a stock research analyst. I previously was in mergers and acquisitions for the past two years out of college.
  2. Uhm ...Im a full-time student so I work during the summer and make quite a bit of money at my job (I give tennis lessons) and 100% of that money goes towards my "personal spending" for the year and my dad gives me money on birthday, christmas, etc!
  3. I'm been obsess for so many years about LV, but feel guilty spending so much money on a bag, but, after finding this forum I'm convince that I do deserve this luxury since I work two jobs. I'm a full-time community development worker in a small city and a part-time shelter counsellor at a women shelter. I love both my jobs since they afforded me to enjoy some luxuries in life.
  4. prostitution

    totally kidding, im only 14 so usually from working hard in the family rest. and or sucking up to my grandparents and aunts and uncles, allowances, x-mas/birthday money, and babysitting!
  5. I try to keep this yearning for more LV in check. If I was working, I'd go nuts buying LVs but since I'm a SAHM, I bat my eyelashes at hubby when I really am dying to get my hands on a handbag ehehehehhe
  6. What purse addiction?
  7. Sophia! :lecture: :lol:

    I'm a full-time student but I work part-time as well so I pretty much spend what I earn! I'm doing all right since for the first two years I've worked there, I had no purse addiction so that was my $$$ saving time :angel:
  8. Double income, no kids. He makes wonderful money, but I'm only working part-time right now so my income isn't so great. We have no debt other than a fairly low house payment, so we have a lot of disposable income each month. I work for the State of WV and DH is a chemical engineer with a large international company.
  9. I'm a SAHM and am very lucky that my dh makes really good money. He is in construction and sales. He spoils me and I :heart: it! =) We have been together for 11yrs and started off with nothing. I feel like I have helped him get where we are and he believes that it's "our" money. I SAH to our 4 girls, and feel that I "deserve" nice things (now that we can afford them)! ;P
  10. ROFLMAO!!!:lol:

    Selling older bags to get new ones is one of the ways for me.:graucho:

  11. I admire that your choice of "affording some luxuries" gives so much back to the community.
  12. hubby and I are DINKS too! At least for now ;) Hubby says we'll be ready for a family when I've acquired every bag that I want!
  13. I am a teacher, and I haved always loved bags. I started with really cheap bags, but as I make more mone, I buy more expensive bags. Some people think I am crazy because bags are my thing. I use to give bags away out of guilt. I got an amazing Coach satchel this past weekend at the Gafney SC outlet. I call it my "grownup bag." It retails for $598, outlet price was $539, and I got it for 50% off the outlet price. It was my gift to myself for taking my oldest to college.
  14. I also am a sahm, but not for much longer. I'm going to have to get myself a little part time job to pay for my bags. I feel bad spending that type of money on myself, so it'll be for a good cause! DH makes pretty good money(oilpatch) and I have never wanted for anything. I'll probly love them even more knowing I worked hard for them and I'm not taking money out of the family coffer.
  15. This question has been asked on previous threads. Do a search and you will find several. It seems to get asked on a regular basis.