How do you fund your LV habit?

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  1. Just curious - how do you fund your LV habit? I know this is intrusive and might offends some girls, but you don't have to answer if you don't want :shame:.

    I'll break the ice: I'm 24 and a full-time student with a part time job. I have a generous and wonderful boyfriend (a few times we've been on and off) that I've been with for about 6 years. He's very supportive of my college career (I've been struggling with it - going for my bachelor's in accounting) and we get along perfectly (most of the time :shame: ). He bought my first Monogram Canvas wallet about 2 years ago and has been showering me with LV gifts (from time to time) ever since :heart:. I do buy my own LV gifts once in a while but my boyfriend sort of hates to see me blow my $ on bags when I should be saving it for tuition, but I manage.

    So, how do you fund your LV habit? If you fund it yourself, what career do you have? Or does your significant other fund it for you instead?
  2. im 15. and i either get them for b-day, christmas, or else i just save babysitting money and buy them myself.
  3. My generous DH does the funding for me. (I am a SAHM.) LOL I don't go crazy with the habit, although I surely would like to just get everything on my wish list and then some!
  4. overtime!!!!!! also student. I'm picking up a second job though at this rate!
  5. my husband funds my LV addiction. i've been a sahm for 2 years now.
  6. I'm 20, full time university med student, get my money from (in order)
    1. Scholarships
    2. Summer job
    3. Monthly allowance from my parents (not much...)
    (4. My parents didn't support my bag obsession before, but now they're starting to fund me, but only for big big occasions/events... thus the brackets lol cuz I dunno if this counts)
  7. This topic has been covered a few times before... the search feature above is really helpful to see if previous similar topics have been discussed. ;)
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