how do you fund your bags..?

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  1. hey everyone.. i was checking everybodys bag collections out and i was just amazed.. just how do you guys fund your bags?? i'm a college student that just graduated the past may. i have a bunch of coach bags and wristlets, and i thought i was spending too much on my bags. But since i've been browsing tpf, i've yearned for a vintage gucci or chanel purse... so please let me in on your secrets.
  2. My Sugar Daddy....LOL
    My husband is very good to me and allows me to buy what I want but we both are working...alot we have the extra.
    I don't know how College kids get their stash. Maybe wealthy parents or side jobs. I know I had no bags in college. I had basically nothing until I got into life a little, worked, married, and the most important thing. Have NO children...Hahaha. They really can eat up any and all extra cash.
  3. Not even gonna lie -- Mommy & Daddy :shame:
  4. I used to buy them for myself when I was still single and had a career...:yes:
    but now that I'm a SAHM my DH have to fund my addiction:heart: :shame: :supacool:
  5. My fiancee!!! LOL I am a student as well:smile:
  6. I didn't start buying designer bags until my 30s. Couldn't afford them as a college kid and had (what I considered to be) more important things to spend my money on in my 20s. Not that I'm in my 30s, I have more extra cash, as I'm more established in my career and I made smart money choices when I was younger.
  7. I also didn't buy any until ~ 30 yrs old. When I first graduated it was a choice between an expensive handbag or a lay-z-boy for my apartment and the lay-z-boy won.

    Right out of college you can do it. Buy one bag you really love and use it all the time. Then you don't get in the trap of buying 4 or 5 bags and going broke.
  8. Everyone's budget is different. :shrugs: There are lots of things I want and can't afford.
  9. From the extra money lying around my closet, LOL!
  10. I didn't start my designer bag obession until I had a full time professional job. Ever single one of my bags has been purchased with my own hard-earned money. :yes:
  11. i save and save and save. i'm a single professional making a decent salary, and figure that we all have our vices where we spend lots of money. to some people, it can be CDs, video games, skincare, shoes...and some buy bags. being indecisive (lordy, can i be indecisive!) is also helpful :shame:

    it's my belief that working for it, lusting after it, then cherishing it once you have it is the way to go. then again, i wouldn't object to my poor graduate student boyfriend buying me bags!
  12. I have a job.

    I don't take vacations.

    I don't eat out much or go to the opera or concerts.

    I buy almost everything on sale, and I don't have designer clothes or shoes.
  13. Me too... haha.
  14. I never quite understand the point of these questions.

    To me, there clearly is no magic to funding expensive bags other than that either you or someone you are close to has the money, so asking someone this question is either going to get you the answer that (a) they pull down a fairly high salary or (b) someone who loves them gets them a lot of very nice presents. Neither of which is particularly anyone else's business, IMO, but in my case the answer is option (a).