How do you fix wrinkled/smooshed leather??

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  1. I bought this Mombasa and adore it :love: but it's a little wrinkley probably due to the way she must have stored it. Is there a way to straighten the leather out? I was going to stuff it but I don't want to stretch the bag out either. Any thoughts? :weird:
  2. Reviving a dead thread because I'd like to know the answer
  3. I'd like to bump this because I'm dealing with some creases on the flap on my Bottega.
  4. Wow! Don't really know. Smooshy leather just has a mind of it's own. Maybe when I would not be using the bag, I would store it with wads of tissue inside. Handles....not so sure.
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    I'm going to have to do the same thing to a Givenchy Nightingale(it also has scratches. ) Actually, stuffing and putting something on top it to flatten it would work. I've done that myself with good results. What it also might come down to is "resurfacing" the leather. That means smoothing a substance over the wrinkles, scratches, etc, sanding and re-dyeing. You can have some one do it for you, do it yourself( there are kits) or just live with it. Since I'm already into that kind of thing, I just do it myself.