How Do you Find Your Birkins?

  1. I'm a total newbie to Hermes, but am gaining a very fast appreciation and desire to own one soon! :yes:

    So I stopped by the Hermes in South Coast Plaza and the SA yesterday night was on the more youthful side and was not snobbish at all. So while I was paying for some men's gifts, I asked her how I can actually purchase a Birkin. She said they're not in the store at all and there's a 3-5 year wait list!!!! I know this is true, right??

    However, she said sometimes special orders will fall through and they'll have 1 or 2 on hand in the store, but it's totally by chance when you stop by in the store.

    How do you, dear Hermes lovers, find the bag of your choice, in the size and color that you want??
  2. Welcome! Check out the Hermes Shopping Board - there have been numerous gals with the very same problem there and the threads/posts are very helpful. Have fun learning about the colours, leathers, sizes, and new trends in the Birkin there in the meantime :yes: It helps you figure out exactly what you want, then how to get it! Good luck!
  3. Was the SA a pretty blonde? She's really nice. Is the diamond croc birkin still around?
  4. ^ that's Lauren. She's SO fun.

    Anyway, you'll find that if you stick to one SA all the time and become a regular customer, the world of Birkins suddenly opens right up for you. Takes a little cultivating, though.
  5. Love Lauren!
  6. I agree with the advice above--
    I think it also helps if you want a relatively common size/leather/color combo, as there will be more inventory.
    My best successes have been via going to the mothership (the 24, Faubourg store in Paris).
  7. Ditto!:yes:
  8. Lauren is really nice:yes: I also like the way she ties her scarf in her hair, looks really chic and stylish (I can't pull it off).
  9. Yes, the SA was Lauren!! I'll have to tell her that she is very much appreciated AND admired on the wonderful TPF Hermes forum!! I love how she ties the scarf into her hair as well!

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I guess when I got to Europe this winter, I'll just have to make a stop to the flagship store. It's so fun to have a new bag to look forward to!

    Thanks everyone! You all are very kind in this forum!!
  10. Newportgirl...You might want to keep the forum "private"...
  11. ^^ would that freak Lauren up a bit? And expose the identities of the members here?
  12. Those are my concerns...
  13. After reading the more experienced members' responses, I will indeed keep these comments (even as wonderful as they are) strictly to the board.

    Sorry for breaking any guidelines or rules. I know some rules, but not all. Will be sure to follow rules and suggestions - just let me know. I take no offense whatsoever.

    Thank you for your kind hearts!
  14. Newportgirl...Thank you soooo much for your understanding! Good luck with your birkin exploration!!!!
  15. Much love in the Hermes forum! :heart: