How do you find those "PREMIUM" designer bags on sale on NM site?

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  1. For me, it seems really hard to find on sale premium designer bags:confused1: Can anyone tell me how to look for them?
  2. In my opinion, premium designer bags usually don't go on sale, especially at websites like NM or Saks. There are limited selections on sites such as and, but they are never for really popular premium items.
  3. The people who are able to post the premium designer sales on NM and BG are posters that saw items were on sale, they save them in their favorites, the bags are returned and the poster tells us about the sale again. I think this is what I am understanding.
  4. Hmmm, not really sure about that answer....(post prior to redsox24)

    The ONLY way to find sales for premium designer handbags on NM these days is to either 1. Do a web search for the specific item you are looking for and add either "Neiman Marcus" or "Bergdorf Goodman" and you'll most likely find a link to the bag you are looking for, which will take you to the page from their website showing whether or not the item is available; or 2. Save the link in your favorites so that you may look for the bag in the future to see if it has yet become available.

    Since they've redesigned their websites, NM & BG seem to no longer be offering their premier bags to everyone.

    Of course, you have to remember that generally, if available, there is only ONE bag to be had (usually a return). But obviously these bags are truly available because with this method, I've purchased (and received!) a MJ Mia Satchel and a Mulberry Emmy, both for 50% off. Of course, I've likewise purchased and had cancelled about 6 other bags. It's just the luck of the draw.

    Good luck and draw fast...
  5. NM usually has a "Premier Designer Handbags" sale section (which is where you can find the bags to bookmark), but it hasn't been up for weeks. I'm sure it will come back. They used to put some great bags in an obscure "Small Accessories" page I had bookmarked too. You can see an old version of the Premier Designer Handbags sale page here: Some of those bags are still available for purchase. You can also do a special site search on Google to find bags on NM & BG and then bookmark them.
  6. hi there , i am a housewife and i get so bored at times that i keep on checking and checking for the sale section of Saks,BG , NM for premium designer handbags. that is true BG and NM used to separate their designer from premium designer handbags but now it is all together. so what i do is to type in my favorite designer then go to whatever product and check for sale. the KEY really is that you need to have the TIME to keep on checking and grab it right away as soon as possible! anyways, you can always return it if it is not to your liking.
  7. The Premier section is not up now. What we have done is saved the links in our favorites folder. And periodically check to see if someone returned it :smile: That is how we are able to post these links.

  8. I think the OP is actually referring to 'Premier Designer' bags, isn't she?

    By 'Premier Designer' NM and BG generally seem to mean R-T-W designer, as opposed to other non R-T-W designers; which I think they just call 'Designer'.

    They're not referring to the most popular (or most hyped, more like it!) styles, that tend to sell out before going on sale.

    Most R-T-W (or 'Premier') designer bags do go on sale if they don't sell out first. :yes:
  9. :yahoo: thanks for everyone's reply~ I had this question in mind becuz it was a lot easier to locate those top designer brands bags before on NM and BG websites :wlae:
  10. Thanks so much for these posts! I hate how I can never find the great sale bags too!
  11. Thanks for the tips ladies!!! Now I hope my dream bag will go on sale soon!!!
  12. this explains everything. i checked the sale section at the Neiman Marcus and they don´t have any Chloe bags reduced. however, there are links posted in this forum to these high end items. its a real pity that these sites don´t ship internationally except Netaporter. anyway, thank you for the tip.
  13. I was wondering what happened. They've changed up their sites soooo much these last few yrs. Thanks for the info.
  14. I know how they find those items. They receive emails about those information and they can get the links directly from the emails. They registered for some special membership and that's why we don't get those emails but they do.
  15. I just called NM On-Line Customer Service about this and the rep didn't know anything about these special e-mails you can receive for premier designer handbags on sale. Does anyone know?