How do you find the Vernis bags?

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  1. I have been looking on The Bay lately and find myself drawn to Vernis bags. Almost all of them are damaged in some way (scuffs, pen marks, etc) but I have found a few that look nice.

    I really like them, but as a mom of 3 and my boys occasionally get into my bags (when I leave them out...which is once in a while) and I'm wondering how high maintenance they are. So are they even worth it?
  2. I have owned Vernis for a long time. My bags always stay nice. Never a scuff or scratch or ink marks. I find them to be great and durable. Sorry, but I don't understand, why do your children (especially boys) get into your bags? My son would have never touched my handbag. If I were you, before I would purchase a Vernis bag I would train my children that my bags are "hands off"! Once they have successfully learned that then I think you are safe to get a Vernis bag.
  3. Well, my 4 year old is very very adventurous. He'll climb anywhere to get anything he wants. He takes my speedy, puts his toy cars and some clothes in it sometimes and says he's going on "vacation" because it looks like luggage to him.

    I practically have to keep things under lock and key for him not to get them
  4. I have a lot of small vernis goods, wallets etc. but only one bag, the alma mm. The only thing I worry about scratching it is if I put a bag charm on it. I have had no problems with any of my vernis small leather goods at all, and I use them daily. I do agree though, if your kids are possibly going to take out your purse and play with it, that may pose a problem......I have my purse in a kitchen cabinet when not in use during the day, and it has a lock on it so my DD can't get at it, otherwise she would! If you think you can find a place to put it when you're not using it during the day I think you'd be safe! Good luck!
  5. I own 5 vernis bags and they are are super easy to maintain. They all still look brand new
  6. I feel the Vernis line wears really well. It's pretty durable patent leather. My only complaint is the fingerprints!!! That's minor though - you just wipe them away....
  7. I really like the vernis line...and I LOVE the alma. I had to decide whether the vernis or the electric epi was more practical for me. I have three boys as well, and lets face it, they are kids! Crap happens!!!! I am more worried about scuff marks from me bumping it into things. I went with the electric epi alma and I am thrilled. I would love a vernis bag, but I might have to get one for dress only! Or I will try an accessory first.
  8. I've had a couple of vernis handbags and wallet. In my opinion, they have really nice colors and are really sleek but I don't really like the as a regular go to bag/ day bag. I like using my vernis bags for nights out / lunch dates. I just dont feel like they would look good when they've been used everyday.
  9. I only have one.. a brentwood... and I use it at least once or twice a week, I've had it for close to 4 years now and the leather still looks good as new! The vachetta has turned but thats abt it! Maybe not leave this bag out when you have the boys around... boys will be boys!! :P

  10. I agree^^^^
  11. I love the Vernis line. Fingerprints are a problem on pieces in the darker colors, but mine have held up very well over the years. The last one that I picked up is the Violette Alma MM. LOVE IT! NO problems with fingerprints on this one, but I am thinking very hard about whether or not I want to get the Alma MM in Bleu Nuit; the fingerprints issue is a key factor in my hesitation...

    BTW, I agree with the other posters...You have to teach your kids that your handbags are a "no touch" zone. I did that with my kids from day 1, and they have never touched them unless I ask them to...

    Happy Shopping!