How do you find the sale bags? They don show up when I look?

  1. All thes Chloe and Prada bags etc om NM and BG don't show up when I go on and look under sale and designer gandbags abut they do if you click on the link, how do you find them? :confused1:
  2. i'd like to know also!! :yahoo:
  3. sometimes you have to search by the designer's name
  4. Under the designer in sale or just under the designer?
  5. yeah.. its strange.. i want to know it also..

    i can open it from the link and when i use the Prev/Next button on the webpage, it jumped to some other item and cannot go back.
  6. When a particular bag is on sale people save them as bookmarks/favorites in their web browser. When they check their bookmarks and see that a bag is available again they post a message here.

    For example:

    If someone has this page bookmarked/favorites (like I do) and checks frequently they might see that the bag has become available again (this one probably won't, but you never know). If someone returns a bag or they get more stock from an older season they can pop up.

    You won't find them through a regular search. You can do special Google searches though for old sale bags.

    NM often has a Premier Designer Handbag section (not at this time though) and that is how a lot of these bags were first bookmarked and/or added as favorites in the first place.

    That pretty much sums it up.