How do you find out the style of older Coach bags?

Hi all! So I have 6 Coach bags that I have purchased/received during the last few years. I was not as informed about Coach back then as I have become lately. I'm still learning. I want to know the name, style, style number, etc of these bags but I have no idea how to find out. I tried searching but I can't find anything.

I had a person on tPF (a few months back) authenticate a much older Coach purse that was given to me. She said she authenticated it by searching the number inside the bag on the Coach site. I sent her a PM but she hasn't posted anything since July so I don't know how she did it.

Can anyone offer any help?

I can gladly post pictures of the bags as soon as I get back home from school.
Mar 30, 2006
The style number should be the four or five digit number on the far right of the creed. I can't work the drilldown but someone else here can help you with that. That is where you can plug in the number and the bag should come up if its authentic.
Jul 25, 2007
I just used the drilldown for the first time today to look for a picture of the older bag that I am using. You just type in the last couple of numbers at the end of the serial number thing, and, in most cases, it will come up. And from my experience, it gives just a photo. No other information like name, year it is from, etc.


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Sep 30, 2007
like the others said the stlye # is the digits on the right of the creed.
if you use the drilldown it's not going to give you the name of the bag.
you can post pics here and we may be able to help!!
I attempted to search the bag I have with me right now but I got nothing. I don't have the style number for the other bags though. Just the serial number inside the bags.

The number inside the one I have now is A07726-F06044. I know it's real because I purchased it myself. Does it make a difference if it was purchased at an Outlet location?

I'll take pictures and post them up as soon as I'm back home.


Aug 19, 2006
Don't enter the "F" or the zero, just enter 6044 - some outlet-only bags won't come up in the Drilldown but this one did:

When the page comes up with the photo, save the URL as a Bookmark or Favorite just like you'd save any other webpage, maybe with whatever Ebay or purse pages you have saved.

Then any time you need to check a number, click on that Favorite link to open the page and show the URL in the "Go To" window, and place your cursor right behind the item number. Click once and the entire line is highlighted, then without moving your cursor, click again and backspace just enough to delete the style number originally saved on the page, and replace it with the new number you want to look for.

Remember, older bags, bags made before 1994, bags made for outlets or specific retailers, and some bags that are sold out at the boutiques or on their way to the outlets won't show up on the drilldown.

BTW, so the forum software doesn't shorten the URL here's the drilldown URL without the http:// or the www - just add those to this:
Mar 30, 2006
Glad you found it! Yes, they started putting the FO in the style number so they didn't have to mark them with a bullet mark to show they were from the outlet.
Thank you to everyone for posting back. I am an idiot and later realized that the link I copied over was slightly wrong so that is why it wasn't working. LOL!

Anyways, here are the pictures of my bags along with link to the better picture from

Please let me know if you know the name of the bag and/or the style number.
Any information is very much appreciated!



Nov 13, 2006

I am trying to find the name / style of my bag too.
Got it as a gift last year.

hope u dun mind me asking this in your thread. Was surfing around trying to find details about my bag when I saw your thread. :idea:

I have been a lurker at tdf for some time and this is my very first post.
A BIG Hi ! to everyone here :flowers:



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Nov 7, 2005
the style number is located inside the bag on the tag.. it looks like XXX- XXXX

the last 4 of 5 digits is the style number
May 27, 2006
I'm glad to hear someone say that if the bag was specifically for the outlets or sold out, that it may not come up on the drilldown. I bought a bag on ebay, with tags, a holiday bag that I looked at myself 3 years ago that doesn't come up on the drilldown. I hope it was just a quick seller & thats why it isn't showing up.:shrugs:
Jul 25, 2007
No help with the names, but I have the second bag in blue striped pattern, and the fourth bag! Not sure what they are called. I would assume the second one is a small striped fabric hobo of some sort, and that fourth one - hmm, not sure, but for a small bag I know that it fits quite a lot of stuff! Sorry not to be of more help to you!