How do you feel

  1. when you purchase a high price designer item and months/years later that designer is showcased at Target/Walmart. For example Paul and Joe is now being sold at Target. I don't mind but I wish I didn't pay as much for their items since they are being sold at much discounted prices.
  2. It really depends on whether the quality is the same (which it invariably isn't!).

    The same thing happened with Matthew Williamson, although, that was for Debenhams, which is a medium end department store over here, not a low end retailer, like Target/Walmart.

    I have quite a few MW R-T-W items, but I'm not really bothered, as although very pretty, the Designers at Debenhams Butterfly range was of a lower quality.
  3. I bought a cashmere and fox fur winter coat by Issac Mizrahi . I paid a small fortune for it and the next year he was doing thiings for Target . I'm not going to lie , I was a little miffed .