How do you feel?

  1. Ok I need some honest opinions here. My HG is the Manhattan GM. I just have been in love with it ever since I saw it, but not so much in love with the price. I know alot of you lovely ladies spend mucho $$ on handbags, but I'm 19 yrs old with a full time job and to be honest I would feel plain stupid buying an almost $2000.00 handbag. I mean, I do still live at home and don't have much bills to pay except for school but I WANT this bag. I NEED this bag lol. I've looked on eBay, but you can't find a good one and most are fakes, plus I'm scared to buy anything off eBay ! So what do you all think? Just suck it up and save like hell? I think that's what I'm leaning to and I'm looking forward to yall's trusted opinions. TIA! :heart:
  2. Since you are 19, if college expenses has been taken cared for, then I'd say go w/it :yes: you can always buy from Elux and save on tax :flowers:
  3. If you think it'll make you feel stupid to spend so much on it, I would wait... you don't want to have negative feelings about your HG bag!!
  4. SAVE SAVE SAVE for it. Even if you change your mind it is always good to SAVE SAVE SAVE
  5. Oh yeah, save like heck and buy this bag! It's beautiful and will last you forever, well almost ... depending how you take care of it! So here's the breakdown:
    If you used this bag everday for 3 years, your cost per wear is $1.82 a day!
    For 2 years ... it's $2.74
    For 1 year ... it's $5.48

    So yes, definitely worth it!
  6. oh sweet, l love your math!
  7. LOVE this math! :tup:

    I would say-- if you are okay with just having ONE bag for years, then save up and do it. If only this one bag will make you happy, then get that one. No point in spreading it thin. I have to watch my $$ because I like to have bag options, but I think if you're going to have one, the Manhattan GM is a fantastic choice!! :yes:
  8. Well it wouldn't take me long to save up the money. Maybe 3 months [bc of car payments and stuff]. Maybe I will, Hopefully I will!
  9. If you truly love it, then save up for it. Even if it takes you a while, you will feel that much better about purchasing it. You won't have sacrificed too much to get it, you know?
    My HG is the Suhali Le Fab and I estimate it will be about 5 years before I have enough saved for it!
  10. plus, the manhattan is a permanent item so there's no rush in saving up for it. i think that if your other financial obligations are taking care of, then go for it :smile:
  11. oh sweet, i love your mathematical breakdowns!!! :tup: they make every expensive bag purchase seem more "sane" lols. gotta love those "investments" ;)

    But yes, since you only said that it'd take you about 3 months to save up for it, i would do just that. there's no point in going broke and not feeling 100% happy/comfortable with what you paid for. Hope to see pics of your HG soon!

  12. oh really?? so no tax when you buy it through Elux. i wonder about international shipping charges though.. because i live in canada, and i too am 19 trying to save a few $$

    for the original poster of the thread, i'd say depends on how much you make and how much you have to spend on your other expenses.. if all works out, go for it!
  13. If you love it and it won't break you financially, then I would definitely go for it!
  14. thanks for all of your opinions !!
  15. hi:smile: i think i was like 18 or 19 when i got the manhattan GM (it was a gift from my parents)
    i really really liked it at first
    but let me just tell you, it is SUPER heavy (even when it is empty) and just not a bag that is easy to use
    i mean, if you want to get something from your purse you will have to undo the strap and then unzip it...(i usually just unzip one side and stick my hand in to fish whatever i need out...looks kinda stupid too)

    so all in all, it is a BEAUTIFUL bag but it is also not too practical (so so tiring to carry... i've only carried it a handful of times because of this)

    hope that helps? (maybe sway you towards another bag...that's not as expensive!)