How do you feel when your friends do this? *LONG POST*..SORRY

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  1. I have been LUSTING the tivoli for MONTHS and MONTHs and waiting for the release. I don't like to buy until I see the bags irl.. i always end up not liking them and exchanging is such a pain... well anyways...

    I showed EVERYONE (including my male manager, my male bartender, etc.)the tivoli for months before the release date when it first surfaced on tpf, because I wanted it soooo soooo bad.. it was love at first sight. I never got a chance to go to LV to see it, when I finally did it was all sold out. and a friend of mine then tells me. "oh.. guess what? that bag you've been showing me, the tivoli is it? i just ordered it over the phone and its being shipped out TODAY!!":wtf:. i was soooo aggrevated :cursing:, because WITHOUT ME, she woulda never HEARD of or even KNEW about the bag. and now i don't wanna buy the bag because she has it and i see her ALMOST EVERYDAY, and i don't want our other friends to think that i am copying her, while it was THE OTHER WAY AROUND..

    I don't like to have the same bag as everyone I know, one of my girlfriends bought the violet balenciaga with GSH and I did not buy ANYTHING in that color, just so we won't clash bags. This person knows about this particular pet peeve i have, because she DID ask me to call my SA to put her on the waiting list but I didn't (but still went and called up herself), because I didn't even do it myself, and i don't want her to get MY bag.. the bag i have been lusting for, waiting and hoping to be released for all these months before me. So, now she has it, and is using it EVERYDAY. you may think i am just overly jealous, which I AM.. but.. still..

    well.. she is not the first that has done something like that to me. there are also two other people I can think of off the top of my head that does similar things. i am sooooooooooooo aggrevated:boxing:. i have decied.. I WILL NEVER SHARE MY PRECIOUS INFO I GAIN FROM TPF TO ANYONE ELSE... they can come check it out THEMSELVES!!!!:cursing:
  2. shoot. that really sucks.


    I can understand that you don't want your friends to be clones of you, but at the same time you're letting that come at the (fairly high) cost of not buying and enjoying the things that you want for yourself.

    this is what I would call a fork in the road: you can either get used to the fact that your friends love your style, and cough it up to "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", or forever be miserable.

    the choice is yours, and I'm sure you'll make the best decision.

    good luck!

    : )
  3. Well i can totally understand how you feel. But at some point or another, we all copy someone at one point in time. We all get inspiration from somewhere... hehe - so if they are your true friends, they wouldn't think of you as copying so and so... They should be happy for you. If you love it, get it!! And besides, it doesn't matter who gets what first, it's not about competing. Yes, and next time you love something.. and you don't want to share, that's your right not to. Oh yeah, even celebrities copy from other celebrities... so i wouldn't even worry about it :jammin:
  4. I totally understand what you are saying gucci lover, I would never get something when I see one of my friends wearing/carrying it, even if I loved it, it will look stupid going out and wearing the same shirt, or carrying the same bag. if its UNintentional, that's fine, when me and my bestfriend go shopping, we always meet at check out with similar items, sometimes the same thing.. but that's okay, she didn't show me the shirt and i was like.. OMG.. i love that let me get that too. i will NEVER do that, when things like that happen, she will automatically ask me if its okay, and i do the same for her... Its not about competing, but this whole time i was showing everyone the bag because I was gonna get it. Yes, inspiration is good, but inspiration does not equal to IMITATION... :nogood: i see this person almost EVERYDAY.... I don't want to be carrying the same bag as her EVERYDAY..
    i think i am just gonna get the trevi now... :shrugs:
  5. :yes:ME too, I totally understand you... that person is not a real friend! real friends don't act in that way! If I were her, I would come to you telling: " Ohh, is a wonderful bag, I love it so much too... perhaps we can order it by phone together? Is it a problem for you? " ....a little of sincerity!!!:flowers:

    So, me too, I want to see bags irl...:okay:

    and I also want to give you a counsel ( the same counsel I give everyday to my husband: not to speak!!! In case, COUNT 'TILL 10 and then... SHUT UP!:yes:

    See the bag, order/buy/wait to see & buy/.... at the end, when you've got the bag...
    tadaaaa! Go to the office!
    And, when the so-called friends see your bag, you've got to answer with something like " Oh! Yes... didn't tell you????":graucho::graucho::graucho:

    A big kiss, and don't be bothered by her...
  6. Heck, don't let it come between you and the bag you love! You'd only be cheating yourself. How about getting it anyway, plus a fabulous bag charm for it, "so we can tell which is whose." It might discourage her if she thinks you're always going to go one better than her.
  7. sometimes my friend and i like the same things, i guess the difference is we don't really mind if we have the same items. for example, i saw the tartan dooney first on the website and i liked it and told her about it, one day she saw one in the store and decided to buy the white one, she told me about it and when i saw it irl i decided i liked the black one and bought it, the exact same design but different color. and then i bought a watch and she really liked it too, but she's afraid i'll get mad coz i told her how much i hated it when my stepmom bought one similar to my watch, but i told her its a different case coz she's my friend and i don't mind us having the same stuff. so in the end she got one too. and then the neverfull, she still hasn't bought one but she's thinking about it, i just say go for it! its a great bag.. and sometimes its the other way around, sometimes i'm the one who want to get something she already has, like her tod's charlotte.. what i'm trying to say is, imo its ok to like the same things esp for friends, coz usually the reason you become friends with someone is because you have something in common, in this case you have the same good taste in bags, and even if its the same bag you can totally rock it in a different way. its like what guccilover said its not about competing. but i understand what you mean that she should've asked first if its ok. my friend and i consult with each other first if its ok to get something that the other already has, but ofcourse our answer has always and will always be ofcourse its ok! well, goodluck with you and your friend, don't let a bag ruin your friendship, and i suggest you talk to her about it.;)
  8. I get how you feel. Getting a bag like that should make you feel fab and unique, not just another one in the crowd. Sucks that she had to go out and do that, cuz it is a sort of unspoken ettiquette among friends, kinda like not dating ur friend's ex IMO =P.
    Despite her having it, if its what you really want and you had your heart set, don't let her having the bag stop you. On the other hand, if you can find a suitable replacement then go for it cuz you don't wanna feel bitter every time you see her toting the same bag as you. In the end...its whatever makes you happy, because no matter what it's your style and you should rock it!

  9. ... the way she handled it wasn't the best. I see your point. The trevi is very nice as well. Good luck :heart:

  10. :yes::yes::yes:
    It's really true: is not a matter of being snob or don't want friends having the same bags...
    it's different and more complex....

    You buy not only a bag, you buy a dream.... I'm really generous, usually I'm very happy when I could tell friends where I buy things, often I offer to go with them, or I give receipt with name, number, item.... (they don't act in this way with me, but it has no importance)

    But here, this kind of purchase is quite different.. and the fact that that "friend" hidden her purpose... and at last marched out with the bag.... this tells everything...
  11. Well, I personally think you're being a little silly. If you want the bag, go buy it anyway. There are many, more important things to be upset over besides whether or not someone has the same handbag as you. :supacool:
  12. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!
  13. Don't be bother by your friend, perhaps she didn't think of too much when she go ahead and wait listed for it. Just go ahead and buy what you like. My best friend is also an LV lover, and we both have several same bags, but we bought them at different times. She even offer to help me get my "dream bag", Damier Sophie. And as my best chum, I would also like to share good things with her & I don't mind that she buy the same item as me. We once bought the same design & colour of shoe while at a holiday, hee... Life is short, be happy and don't fret too much. :smile:
  14. that really sucks that you wont buy the bag now :sad:

    I'm so go no one I hang with is into designer bags :biggrin:
  15. The bag is on the market, everyone has the right to purchase...there's no one bag in the world so someone is bound to have the same bag as you (including your friends). It is a common love! U should see it that way!