How do you feel when friends "copy" you..?

  1. Do any of you have friends that run out and buy a similiar bag after you do? I find this a bit irritating. I think people should find their own style.
  2. OMG....I have a cousin who has done this to me my whole entire life. I know how freaking irritating this is!!!

    It would be with clothes, perfume, hairstyles, even her first car was the same as mine.

    Now that we are grown adults, she doesn't do this anymore....Thank God!!
  3. I think sometimes it is natural to admire something that someone else has, esp if you're friends with similar styles... but there is a line that can be crossed... thankfully none of my friends cross that line! I can see how it'd get super annoying though!
  4. Yes... but my mom always says the annoying phrase that imitation is a sincere form of flattery :push: It annoys the heck out of me though!
  5. Oh, I know!! I would even hate it MORE when my cousin would copy me & prance around thinking she was so cool ----- :cursing:
  6. As long as they aren't rockin it out better than I do, its ok...:graucho:
  7. LOL Yes, I think at one time or another everyone has had a friend that does that. If you don't or haven't had one then it was probably YOU doing the copying! LOL

    I hate it too but whatcha gonna do? We are fashion divas! LOL;)
  8. Thank goodness, no!!!! My friends are not this crazy about handbags! In clothes we have complete different taste.
  9. no most of the people i know act like a i'm spoiled and that i waste money big time

  10. That is frustrating too. Just because I like nice things, people sometimes get the wrong impression.

    I am not conceited. I am not self obsessed. I am not shallow. I am not a spoiled brat.

    I just like nice things. I can't help it.
  11. agreed! i have a very close friend who does buy things that are the same as mine throughout the years. at first it was kind of irritating (i know i sound like a meany) b/c it was not just color/style similarity but the exact same things. and not only that, she acts like i didn't already have the stuff. i mean it was pretty funny. my bf and friends noticed it as well, so i guess she just looves what i have. :p
  12. i know lots of people who do that to me. although every now and then, it does get a bit annoying, i've gotten used to it and try to not let it bother me.
  13. I have had a friend copy me in buying a brand of handbag because she didn't know about the brand until she asked me what brand mine was. I have also had a "friend" who copied my color ideas for my bridesmaids dresses. She got married 4 months before I did and shocked me when all her bridesmaids came out in the exact color of dresses I had told her my bridesmaids were wearing.
  14. I am single and childless and the majority of my friends are married with children. None of my friends can really afford to spend the money that I do. However, in my early twenties I had this friend who totally mimicked every little thing I did, she did not even bother to find her own boyfriends, she just picked through my cast offs!
  15. My sister-in-law had a friend who tried to buy the same WEDDING DRESS my SIL bought for her wedding. And the friend's wedding was first plus there was guest overlap! My SIL put her foot down and told the woman what she thought. The 'friend' ended up with a different dress.

    The nerve of some people! I would be embarassed to copy others in that way...