How Do you Feel When an Item You Paid Retail 4 Ends Up at the Outlet?

  1. This spun from the 'katy tote at the outlet thread'
    This really upsets me.
    I bought it less than 2 weeks ago and it's still unused.
    The outlet price is a 100 bucks difference.
    That's much needed accessories!
    The store closest to me has one on hold.
    The others won't ship.
    I even tried to see if they or the boutique or even the 800 would do a price adjustment.

    Even if I return it, I wouldn't get it back at the discounted price.

    I guess this probably happens all the time, but it's my first and it's annoying me to no end. So I'm sorry for the thread. I just needed to vent.

    How do you guys deal with it?
    Any suggestions on what I could do?
  2. I have a full price Katy that is still in it's box that I'm now going to return to the boutique since I got one at the outlet. Coach doesn't do price adjustments. I know when I buy at the boutique, I'm risking it making it to the outlet and getting it cheaper. So, I make sure what I buy at boutique is what I REALLY want and don't want to chance it not going to the outlet, i.e. my Nicola flats in Turquoise. I just saw a wallet at the outlet that I had just returned to the boutique - same exact wallet.

    It would kind of bug me, but I know I take that risk anytime I choose to buy from the boutique.
  3. I get real upset about it, but there is nothing we can do about it. The problem is that one really does not know if a bag you like will end up at the Outlet - it's a 50-50 chance. I love the Ergos and bought alot of them. I understand from my SA that they are selling very well and they can't keep them in the store. If I wait to see if the bags will be transferred to the Outlets I may not have one at all. To reconcile this I do purchase the bags that I love, love, love. If I just am so, so about a bag I wait to see if it hits the outlet. If it does I score a great deal, if it does not make it to the outlet it's not as if Coach will not be making any more bags I like so I have learned to live with it.

    Case in point, I liked the Soho Pewter Hobo No. 10593
    but did not want to spend $300 on it. It was transferred to my outlet and I bought it for $150. This was a great deal but I did not love the bag enough to pay $300 for it. On the other hand I love my Ergo Vintage Tote so much so as to have paid full price for it.
    But I was lucky and did purchase it at the last PCE.
  4. This is one of the main reasons I went from Coach to higher-end brands without outlets - but then I got over myself ... lol :p
  5. Hi!

    I live close to a great Coach outlet, and they do get lots of recent styles but it is really hit or miss. I've waited a few times for styles to come to the outlet and then lost out b/c they sold out at retail first.

    I've been put on a call list for a certain style at our outlet, and they are very good about following up with me.

    It's always a risk.
  6. I agree with TejasMama. It really is hit or miss at the outlets. Do you love the Katy tote? If you do I would just be happy you got one. Its a gorgeous tote.
  7. Honestly...I don't let it bother me...I used to only buy from the outlets..and I'd wait and wait for something I wanted to get to the outlet so I could get it....and too many times things I really wanted NEVER went to the outlet and I ended up missing out. And then I'd be upset for not buying it at the boutique.

    So for me..if its a MUST have...I buy it at the boutique...if I like it but its not totally to die for ... then I'll consider it when it hits the outlet.... I never would have paid full price for either of my madisons.....but at the outlet they were a steal and I was glad... but I would have been really upset to miss out on my rose leather I bought it and the striped french wallet when they first came out.
  8. I get mad when I buy something to sell thinking it is going to be a hot item and it's a bust. Case in point is the Soho Laced Line... They made it to the outlets & I can't "give" mine away... without taking a HUGE hit.

    Anyway, if anyone spots a Katy in SE PA area (Lahaska, Lancaster or Reading), send me a PM so I can get the store to hold one for me...
  9. I don't live close to any outlets so it doesn't bother me.
    Plus, I'm also not a "trendy" person so I like to invest in classic pieces that will go with anything, so I don't mind paying full price for something that I can use forever.
  10. I don't get too caught up with it. I used to be a full price store only gal. I only recently started looking into outlets on occasions. If I'm happy with the bag, I don't care what I spent.
  11. if you love it enough to pay full price, it shouldn't matter. you obviously loved it enough to not "chance it".
  12. I never look at my bag if I see it in the outlets so I won't get sick but I loved it enough to pay the price I did, and I would hate to risk it not going to the outlets so I have no regrets but I refuse to look at the outlet price!
  13. if i love it, i will pay full price to get it then and now (if i can financially) and it doesnt bother me to see a bag at the outlet that i bought at the full price store.
  14. it happens every day with things that arent bags... like groceries or an expensive dress.. they all go on sale sometime... when that happens i usually go get the one on sale and return the regular priced one!
  15. ITA and I am the same way. If it's something I really like I'd rather pay full price for it than risk waiting for it to hit an outlet and possibly never getting it. :yes: