How do you feel wearing your Chanel bag?

  1. Wearing any of mine, I feel sexy, confident and groomed.
  2. I feel because I see mostly fakes or LV round my area like I stand out more and very sophisticated However, I sometimes feel I am too young for my Chanel bags because of the stares I get
  3. I feel the same way! Since I'm still -teen suffix, I feel so odd when I can tell that other women are staring at my bag. Everywhere I go I can catch other girls and women looking at my bag and not me.

    I love having Chanel because I also feel more unique with it. Here in Hawaii everyone's into Coach, Gucci, and LV. When I had one of my black canvas Gucci bags, I used to run into other girls with the same bag or the same bag in a different color which I found to be awkward. With Chanel, I never run into that problem ever. :nogood:
  4. I feel instantly sophisticated and pulled together. It makes me walk a little taller.
  5. I feel the same as cammy1!Too young for Chanel..but I love Chanel for its prestige.There are a lot of fakes designer handbags where I live so I feel much more confident using my bags but then again,I'm scared other people might think I'm using fakes too :sad:...
  6. classy!
  7. i feel classy and fashionable.
  8. HAPPY!!!!

    just really happy lol :biggrin:
  9. I've been carrying Chanel exclusively since the late 80s, so it's truly a staple. Occasionally someone will comment that they like my purse, but I never wonder does anyone notice my handbag (or any other Chanel item I may be wearing) coz I'm an airhead in some respects.

    Last time I was at NM trying on shoes during a big sale, I had worn my vintage Chanel sneakers, high top Converse type. As I was trying on boots, my husband said women were eyeballing your Chanel sneakers. Thought it was humorous given they're at least 10 years old.
  10. I feel chic ,sophisticated, and confident. It's better self esteem than boob jobs!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I feel great with my beautifull bags :smile: I love them and I if they could they would love me back LOL
  12. Judy...loves "j" !!!!
    He is so supportive and he sits back and makes his suttle but true comments.
    I can see the look on face
  13. Warm & Fuzzy... :love:
  14. I feel like "what can possibly go wrong today?"
  15. Whenever I carry any of my Chanel bags, I always feels it pulls the outfit together.