How do you feel being an only child?

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  1. Wow... interesting thread.... neat to hear the other side of it...

    I'm not an only child, but I am the only girl... I have one older & 2 younger brothers, with a 7yr gap btwn older bro & me, so I think I have a lot of 1st born/only child tendencies....:rolleyes:

    My dad is the 2nd youngest of 10, so my family is huge.... I'm almost 30 & it's getting to the point of reminding BF if he wants at least one (I'm okay if we don't) he better put a ring on my finger & knock me up soon!! :roflmfao:
  2. Wow! What an interesting thread!!! I'm an only child as well! I had alot of close friends from elementary school through high school that I considered "my sisters". But, as time passed, some of these friendships did not last. That is what I miss the most.... not having a sibling who has shared life experiences with you and also knows your ENTIRE history! However, I do try to stay in touch with a few of my friends from childhood and always make an effort to visit with them when I'm visiting the area where I grew up. (I go home once or twice a year.)

    I was the only child in my group of school friends, so I also was close to my friends' siblings and even to their parents!

    I always wanted a sibling, but I guess maybe I was fortunate not to have a sibling as my parents paid for my college education, paid for my first car, and helped me later to put a down payment on my townhouse with my DH. I know that if my parents had other kids, resources would have been a bit tighter. However, I'm very appreciative for all that my parents have done for me throughout my life and if I have kids, I would want to try to do the same for them! (And yes, if I had kids, I would like to have two = boy & girl.)

    My father passed away about 11 years ago, and I moved away from my mom (same state but opposite directions). But, my mom has always been cool - she has her own life and is not the type of mom that constantly calls you to ask you when are you visiting, what are you doing, etc. Actually, I call my mom more than she calls me!!! And, the cool thing is that she moved about a year ago to be near me and now only lives about 10 minutes away from me and my DH. It's really nice to have my mom nearby because I know that I can always count on her and she can count on me for anything!! (I don't have a large family with aunts and cousins - and didn't really grow up with cousins around although that would have been nice!)

    If I had siblings, it would have been a bonus and I think I would have been close to a sibling. (I really hate to see siblings that don't get along although although there are obviously sometimes behind the scene issues for not getting along.) I look at my friends who are best friends with their own siblings and I realise that I would still like to have that type of relationship, but that's ok...

    Now that I'm married, I technically do have siblings!!! My DH has an older brother and sister and the brother is married to a great spouse. I'm an Auntie by marriage which is cool since I've known my niece/nephews since before they were born!

    Ok... I'm rambling and I better stop. Thx for letting me express myself!!!

    Nice thread!