How do you feel about wristlets?

  1. I really didn't know anyone who had one until my first semester at college. It was kind of a shock seeing almost every girl carrying one when i went out at night. I can see why people might like them from a practicality point of view, but frankly, i find them (namely the coach ones) kinda ugly. I prefer a small cross-body bag because i know no matter what (or no matter how inebriated i get :p) i will not lose it.

    What are your opinions?
  2. I think wristlets can be somewhat practical in that they are small and fit just what you need for going out at night (or whatever) but they are not-so-practical in that they can be a pain to carry! Whenever I take one out, I feel like I have to hold on tight so as not to let it slip off during the course of the evening. I do like them for organizing the contents of some of my bigger bags though. But I love the cross-body bag idea vs wristlets for nights out!
  3. I totally agree! I prefer a small cross body bag for going out -- I'm loving the Kooba Lexie right now. I can only do a wristlet if I have very little in it -- like just some cash and lipstick. Otherwise i feel like something might fall out and I won't know.... And a large wristlet seems ridiculous to carry something that big hanging from my wrist! And you have to clutch it anyway!
  4. i use mine mostly when i goto work... but i also use it as a wallet for my coach purse since its a coach wristlet :p I didnt have money for a coach wallet so i got the wristlet for 38 dollars :smile: i just dangle my down :shrugs:
  5. but thats just to go from sears to the food court and back haha usually its in whatever purse i am using...
  6. I love using my wristlet when I have to run out real quick to get something, or to put inside my larger bag (receipts, cards etc). I don't use it much to go out because I always have to have one hand on it, like others have said. I think the larger clutches that have a strap on them are kind of odd-looking; the strap looks like an anti-theft device or something!
  7. I prefer wristlets over cross body bags cause I find them to be kinda for the older crowd. I use them in conjunction with a purse as a wallet or to hold things I don't want making my purse durting.
  8. I'm not usually a big fan of wristlets, but I love my new L.A.M.B. Chateau clutch, which is a bit more substantial than a classic wristlet. They are good for going out, when a larger bag is impractical.
  9. I love wristlets -- they're so practical, IMO! I don't know if age has to do anything w/it (I'm 17), but like ~KT~ said, I find cross-body bags are generally worn by the older crowd & just not to my preference.
  10. I prefer using my wristlet over a wallet. I can take it out of my purse and toss it in my gym bag when I work out. I keep that gym bag near me and this way I don't have to worry about keeping my purse in the car or taking it in with me. Its so versatile for me. I also use it sometimes if I'm going out at night.
  11. In a wristlet vs wallet, I'd pick wristlet. I put all my important cards in there and it's just ready to go. I guess sorting it out, trying to find the card is a hassle? But the same can be for the wallet with all its compartment (I have love for wallets too!). Wristlets like its name goes on my wrist anyways so it is pretty close to me/convenient.

    I own a coach wristlet and I love it! In plain terms, it's just a simple black fabric wristlist logo, where the logo is barely visible anyways. Like some of the posts here, if I'm in a hurry and don't want to carry my bag, I take my wristlet out of my bag and use that. I do what missmary does and put chapstick in there and my cards and I'm good.

    In the essence of a bag vs wristlet, they both have their uses. I mean I don't want to carry my bag all the time especially when I put a lot in there. But then again, I would have a lot to carry so might as well drag it along.
    If you're talking security, surprisingly I'm much better off having my wristlet than holding a bag DESPITE the bag being a shoulder one, where you can't possibly miss it. I'm not a fan of body bags so putting it against the wristlet, I'd be picking the wristlet for sure.. unless.. they make a body-cross wristlet :p haha. I'm sure there are cross-bags that small? Maybe..

    Oh and wristlet kinda turn into a love for bags! Of course high school, you're dirt poor (I don't get spoiled -_-) so I was excited to have my first cool wristlet ( it was like a mini mini bag ish for me and by bebe - quality sucked though).
  12. i only use my coach wristlet when i go clubbing at night or when i go to theme parks because its not bulky, it carries my necessities and it wont get lost.
  13. I find wristlets to be very practical, especially when I travel (a bag's too big and cumbersome, a wallet's not big enough).

    A friend of mine gave me a Coach wristlet for Christmas a few years back and that started my foray into the world of (>$100) handbags, etc.:p I still have it and love it, along with the others I have accumulated since.
  14. I use a wristlet basically as my small wallet, I keep it in a larger bag and I know I can take it out and run to get lunch or go to the gym. I don't use them to go out to bars though... I never understood that back in college! I'm not one for cross body bags either, small shoulder ones are my favorite for going out. At first I didn't get them at all, but then I got a few as gifts and felt bad returning them and have enjoyed using them.
  15. I use mine as wallets. I have about 5 and only use 1 because I keep all my important stuff in one and don't really know what to do with the rest.