How do you feel about white bags?

  1. I think white bags look so crisp and fresh...but taking care of them?! :blink: that's another story!! Do you think I should take the plunge anyway and buy a white bag? For will look great =) Will it fade into some funky color? Will it be unusually hard to take care of?
  2. Taking care of them sucks...but its worth it :biggrin: If you don't get it dirty it shouldnt discolor for years, if ever. Unless its patent.
  3. white bags are one of my favourites (and tan). Its a colour that can be worn all seasons.. where as black is too harsh for summer (in my experience) but the problem with white bags is, im reeeeallly conscious about it =S
  4. I love white bags, I need to get one soon :love:
  5. Wow, there is another thread about white bags somewhere, I guess spring is upon us and everyone is thinking of spring/summer06 already. I love white bags but once bitten twice shy, that whte bag I had didn't last. I mean it look worn so quickly, the leather is still nice and soft, just look dirty no matter what I do. I was recommended this cleansing cream when I bought it, it didn't really help. But I am still tempted to get a white bag this summer.
  6. Until this year I would have said no way, but now I love them! They look so clean, cool, fresh and beautiful!
  7. Definitely get one! Absolutely gorgeous color in my opinion. Plus you can always CLEAN it. :smile:
  8. The new Furla "Farrah" bag in white is amazing if you love a big bag. I just received mine and it is not that creamy white that some bags are, but a crisp white pebbled leather -- and butter soft! SHOP, Etc. magazine did a section on white bags last summer and recommends applying Wilson's Leather & Suede Protector ($5.95) every two to three months to keep the bag clean and scuff-free.

    Here is the Furla bag...[​IMG]
  9. I can't access your Furla bag picture.
  10. Nope not big fan of white bags they get dirty quickly and I always think they look cheaper
  11. I just bought my first white bag the other day, I love the look of the white but I'm scared to take it out of the dust bag. I guess it can always be cleaned but I'm not really one for maintaining things.
  12. Ditto. I don't do white shoes, sandals even, in white. I have an aversion that I just can't break.
  13. Sometimes a white bag is exactly the right thing, so I'd classify it as a necessity. But I doubt I'd use one everyday.
  14. I love white color bags especially in chanel but not very a pure white!!!! I still love white bags they are so clean looking and elegant.