How Do You Feel About Threads Being Hi-Jacked?

  1. I like most thread hijacks. I think they make things more fun when people can branch off in similar or related conversations. Bonding moments! Plus it shows that people are invested in a thread and don't just post and then bolt.

    But if somebody is just adding some boneheaded comment just to "hear themselves talk" it annoys me. Odds are the said "bonehead" is just trying to be funny, but poor execution of the ha-ha isn't funny and they just come off as acting like a jerk.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I don't really care either way :smile:
  3. Me neither ;)
  4. It depends. Sometimes (though, I haven't seen it as a problem in this forum) two or three people goes on for pages and pages of inside jokes, which makes the whole thread kinda boring to read even though it was interesting in the first place.

    I myself is guilty of hijacking now and then, but I try to restrain myself after a few posts and I always apologize when I see that I've done it.
  5. I agree with all of the above massages...
  6. Does'nt really bother me I have to say
  7. Well, I think it depends on what the original thread is about. If it's something personal and/or health related I can see if it would bother someone. On the other hand, sometimes it happens inadvertently and I don't think the people really mean to hijack the thread, kwim?
  8. It depends, if someone is asking for information or advise and the thread is hijacked before an answer or comment can be given I find that irksome.
  9. orderandlaw you're not trying to throw us a hint about the thread killers thread are you!? LOL.

    as for your question, I guess it depends on the thread. I don't mind though.
  10. ITA, depends on the thread. If someone can hijack and in a humourous way acknowledge it and get us back on topic then even better!
  11. I agree.

    Even better, if they can then start a new topic so the conversation can move into there.
  12. I don't mind at all. In the Christian Louboutin forum, we hijack pretty much all of the threads. It's where we have our conversations because the CL chat thread was moved to the General section and many don't visit this section of tPF very much.
  13. No, not at all. :p
  14. boy, the weather has sure been crazy lately!!!
  15. ^^^ that darn weather!!!

    I hijack threads unintentionally all the time. Someone will mention something and I will start asking questions immediately.

    Like for example... I want to tell caitlyn I like her new avatar...