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  1. I'm not a huge Chanel fan but I gotta say that one was pretty cool looking. Hope you can find another one?
  2. I don't love this one. . . sorry :sad:
    Is it suede? Suede intimidates me!
  3. Neither do I and I LOVE Chanel....this one just looks a little out of proportion to me....I'll pass.
  4. the clasp and straps look freakishly big for the body of the bag... and yet, it's still kinda cute. i think i'd still pass though.
  5. It's lambskin per auction. But I know what you mean by the clasp. It's so huge! It doesn't seem like there's a zipper on the top so I guess small items are bound to fall out???
  6. I think it's cute. I'd rather go with a more traditional Chanel style though. Good luck on your hunting!
  7. i was just at the boutique today and i didnt see it - good luck!
  8. i haven't seen it at the boutique.. i like the style of it tho. good luck!
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