How do you feel about the Plume?

  1. I absolutley love the Plume bag. It's such a classic, but I'm wondering why it's not sought out like the Birkin?

  2. I love the plume and it was my second Hermes bag..................personally i think that many (certainly not all) who buy Hermes are either 1)making a statement and only want to have a kelly or a birkin and 2) stretching to buy and they arent going to spend their money on a plume which doesnt scream HERMES. I know many women who own plumes but they tend to be discreet and conservative. SO I think many on this forum love and appreciate it but out in the world its birkin birkin birkin..................I have been in Hermes countless times and somone walks in and asks for a kelly or a birkin never do you hear plume
  3. I am also a fan of the plume and have one which I love! I love it for the fact that is doesn't scream Hermes! I love the shape and size and comfortable handles, etc. I think each bag has it's own great qualities but have heard that many longtime Hermes loves do prefer the plumes and it's so light! I've had a kelly and hope to again one day down the road but for now it's just not the most practical bag for me...I would also like a birkin as I do love that style but have learned the bolide covers it for me and isn't as noticeable.....

  4. i agree............i find the plume and the bolide to be the most practical to actually carry and get in and out of easily. and so light....................
  5. I hate to say it since I own Plumes and love them, (as I own many Hermes bags that some would never consider owning), it's the status of a Birkin. I do have more Birkins then any other style but have collected for many years. I used to sell some Plumes in the beginning after wearing them and now regret it. I have 5 grandaughters that have post-it's on the bags (boxes) they desire when their mother's say they are old enough. I have given my daughters-in-law the 35cm Birkin crocs that I never wore because I prefer 30cm Birkins. It's great to see them enjoy since I always lose money when selling. I have decided recently not to sell anymore Herme's bags and keep them in the family.
  6. plume is so simple, very understated. when dressed up w/ croc skin or contrasting piping, they look super duper fab.
  7. I love the Plume! It was actually one of the two bigs that initially got me hooked onto Hermes (the other was the Paris Bombay) more than the Birkin or Kelly. I appreciate the Birkin and Kelly for their exclusivity and definitely would love to own more than one, but I love how the Plume and Paris Bombay are understated and don't scream "brand name" all over.
  8. Because you don't see too many supermodels and celebs carrying Plume, :shrugs:.

    I have tried the Plume and have to say that it is not for me, but I love other styles and do look forward to seeing new ones being introduced other than Birkins and Kellys. I have a Lindy which I absolutely :heart:. Absolutely in :love: with the 30 Lindy that I own, future purchases that I'm in :heart: with will include a GM Garden Party, Bolide and Paris Bombay. So, there you go, not just Birkin & Kelly. I do buy other stuff other than leather goods, ;).
  9. I adore the plume 32 cm it is just a perfect bag (and one of the few shoulder bags that do not look silly on me) partuculary appealing in troika
  10. I like plume very much. It has the zip top and good for travelling. :smile:
  11. I don't feel anything about the plume, just that I would never buy one.
  12. I think it's a bag that you need to see someone carrying before you can appreciate how cool it looks. On the shelf, it's a little plain. But after seeing some beautiful ladies here modeling theirs, I am really hoping to get one.
  13. :drool: Do you have an extra son I can marry?
  14. i read once that miuccia prada collects plumes and its one of the few bags she carries
  15. i am new to hermes and just got the victoria. i have never seen the plume irl but from the pictures it looks similiar to the victoria but not as soft. are they similiar? from the pictures they look terrific.