How do you feel about the Pegase 60's size?

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  1. I'm getting this in Graphite, but is it really small in person? I saw the Mono Pegase 60 and it looked adequate from far away.. how many days of clothing can you store into it? I wish it came in a 65 or 70 size lol
  2. ^^Depending on your style and packing skills it should fit anywhere from 3-6 days of clothing. It'll vary. For example, I'm a t-shirt and jeans guy and I can pack 6 days worth of clothes on Keepall 60. Bear in mind that Keepall 60 dimension is 47 linear inches while Pegase 60 is 44. Hope this helps.
  3. I find the Pegase 60 to be useful for short trips from 2-5 days but I think if you plan to use it for longer trips at least longer than 1 week for me it's too small, but I am a very heavy packer.
  4. I think it's perfect 70 is heavy even when empty
  5. ^agree
  6. I just got the Graphite Pegase 60 and I think it'll be perfect for me for weekend getaways.. Like styloboy said though, for more than a week, I'd have to bring an extra duffle.

  7. Pegase is a great should for sure get it
  8. i have it in damier and find it to be the perfect size. i fit 7 days worth of clothes in it with 5 pairs of jeans, 10 t-shirts, and 2 pairs of pj, 1 pair of swimming trunks and 9 pairs of boxers. But wen packing this much u really need to fold it to its thinist, but overall this is a great piece of luggage
  9. i got one in mono, i can stock around 5 tee, 2 jeans, toilletries kit, and a pair of shoes/slippers alongside with some small knick-knacks.. the size is perfect for cabin and also for my height (5'10") its the best luggage for me yet...
  10. I have the Graphite Pegase 60 and find that it easily carries 5-7 days of clothing, 1 pair of high heels, toiletries and both my Mac laptops with no trouble. I do use the Eagle Creek packing cubes for the clothing, which are absolutely wonderful for using the luggage space most efficiently.
  11. I have been trying to decide which size of luggage to get as well and all signs point to the 60. The 50 is way too small and the 70 really is cumbersome in terms of size and weight. The 60 is a happy medium I think.
  12. I have the 60, it is a perfect size as I only use it for weekends away with car, I never check in LV at airport. I always pack too much so shamed to say it just does me for two nights. It would not do me for a week.
  13. :yahoo:Yay the 65 would be a perfect size :yahoo: